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Samsung has released one of its most ambitious phones, the Galaxy S21 FE 5G, which is committed to a more or less affordable price and high-end features.

There are many high-end mobiles for sale in different segments, some of them well above 1,000 euros, although others prefer more affordable prices while maintaining characteristics that are undoubtedly very good.

One of them is the new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G, a great mobile from the Korean firm for 2022 and that has everything to succeed in sales, and it is ahead of other launches in the Samsung catalog with a price that is initially 759 euros, but that may go down little by little in the coming months.

This mobile phone has a Super AMOLED screen of up to 120 Hz, in addition to other top details such as wireless charging, 5G and WiFi 6.

There are many reasons why it is worth buying, especially if you are a loyal user of Samsung and its interface, One UI, which has become a reference in the Android world for its fluidity and simplicity.

It is available in three colors: black, white and green, although news will surely be seen soon.

Only slightly more expensive than last year’s S21 5G

The new Samsung flagship is already on sale and also with a certain price reduction, and that its launch was a few days ago.

One of the advantages of this model is that the difference with respect to the S21 5G is very small, since the FE model from 2022 costs 759 euros (launch price) while the previous year’s model goes for 749 euros.

Surely it is quite worth paying the difference to have all the news in software and hardware, such as the new processor or screen.

Snapdragon 888, one of the best processors available, if not the best

It goes without saying that this S21 FE 5G long wins a position among the best mobiles with Snapdragon 888, a chip that absolutely guarantees unparalleled power.

That means that you can run any app or game on your mobile flying, without lag, without waiting and without slowdowns.

In addition, this Qualcomm processor is also quite efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Android 12 already in launch, and with the latest edition of One UI: guaranteed fluency

The latest edition of Android is already included with this phone, and that’s always great news since you won’t have to wait for an uncertain update.

With each new version of the operating system, new functions and improvements in stability and energy consumption are incorporated and Android 12 is also loaded with news.

There is renewal in the widgets and notifications, although it remains to be seen how Samsung applies it to One UI.

Dynamic AMOLED x2 display with up to 120 Hz refresh: perfect for all types of content

This mobile phone has a Super AMOLED screen of up to 120 Hz, in addition to other top details such as wireless charging, 5G and WiFi 6.

As in the previous edition of this mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G has a great screen. In this case it maintains the Full HD + resolution, but with a Dynamic AMOLED X2 panel.

In addition, it incorporates a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, although you can reduce it if you prefer less battery consumption.

It’s not bad at all and along with other features makes it one of the best for watching videos and playing games.

Stereo speakers

If the screen is good, the audio is not worse, and it is that among the specifications of the S21 FE 5G are the stereo speakers.

You may use headphones, but if you don’t, you will hear the audio practically professionally, with great clarity and an acceptable volume.

Not all mobiles have stereo speakers, but this one does, something that suggests that it is above all a high-end.

Fast charging (also wireless) and reverse charging

This mobile phone has a Super AMOLED screen of up to 120 Hz, in addition to other top details such as wireless charging, 5G and WiFi 6.

One of the reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G is that it has a key detail for users: fast charging, also wireless and also inverse.

This means that by sticking devices with Qi Wireless to its back area you can charge them using your mobile, which practically becomes a charging base.

This is extremely useful in many circumstances and is not offered by many devices at the moment.

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