Why it is a good idea to invest in a good case for your mobile

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Perhaps His Majesties The Three Wise Men of the East have left you a brand new phone as a gift. You are in luck, it is always a pleasure to be able to release one. You have to configure it and enjoy its functionalities. Now, they may not have left you a cover to protect it. Here you will find some guidance on cHow to choose a good case for your mobile and give you the protection you need.

This is how your mobile case should be

There is a somewhat general trend when choosing a mobile phone case, to go directly cheap. Nonsense, because it does not make much sense to have invested several hundred euros in a device and try to find something that protects that is worth 3 euros. It does not mean that you are going to find something that does its job, but then come the wailing. Can you imagine buying a luxury Harley Davidson and then putting on a moped helmet? Well, saving the distance, it would be something similar.

Do not understand it the other way either, do not go directly to look for a cover of 80 euros, because it may not be necessary unless we talk about you like it and you can pay for it without problems. There is always a point of balance that can convince anyone and offer more than acceptable protection. Taking a look at the comments of other customers, if you buy online, it can give you an orientation. In store, touch and touch, place the case on your phone and feel it for a while at hand. A good case has a quality look that is obvious.

Take a good look at this

The decision of the material corresponds to personal criteria. The silicone ones protect well, like the TPU gel ones or the leather ones. In particular, I have a predilection for this material for various reasons: good grip, grateful aging or premium appearance. But I also like to change and put on some silicone when I get tired.

A good cover must cover all the corners well, since falls to the ground that occur at one of these points usually end in screen breakage. Therefore, these edges must be reinforced. The thickness of the case can be variable, but you must always keep one of the sensitive parts, the screen, safe. That is, make sure that the edge of the cover protrudes a little above the panel. In this way, the falls produced with the screen towards the ground can end well.

On the aesthetic issue, everyone must choose what they like. But covers with too exotic or flashy colors, shapes with rabbit ears or covers with pompoms they end up tired sooner rather than later. While they can go with your personality, discretion is always appreciated.

Do not forget the sensations that a cover has at hand and the grip it provides. There are times when the phone seems to be alive and slips easily. A good grip prevents more than one fall. Obviously, it would be best to take the phone without a cover, since we would be enjoying the design of our device in its entirety. But when you drop the phone, because you will end up dropping it, you will regret that decision.

Case and something else

Yes, it is logical to talk about the screensaver. Although about 10 years ago they were simple plastic sheets, now the usual is tempered glass. They can get to avoid an easy screen break, better to break the protector than the panel. They usually have an economic cost, being able to buy 2 pieces for about 5 euros. Those who have privacy options, they do not allow anyone who is next to you to read the screen, they cost something more. It is always a well-made investment, both in a phone and in a tablet or smartwatch.

A case for your mobile, together with a protector, it is the best purchase you can make after brand new phone. It is not necessary to spend a lot, but do not expect to find something that protects you for 1 euro. Don’t you think your brand new $ 1,000 device deserves better?

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