What you probably did not know about the stadium under construction in Venezuela

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The Hugo Chávez Park, is a recreational and sports complex located in Venezuela specifically in La Rinconada, Caracas, beginning its construction in 2013 and promised her opening total for the year 2015.

A steel giant surprises those who approach La Rinconada. It attracts the attention of both those who enter from the Valle-Coche highway through Calle al Poliedro and those who descend through the Pan-American Highway. It is the steel structure of what will be the Hugo Chávez Park baseball stadium. It is next to the Poliedro de Caracas and will have the capacity to receive 35,000 spectators.

With MLB specifications, they became the letter of introduction and the main promise of the sports and recreational axis of the project, which includes the erection of at least a dozen structures for educational and transportation purposes.

The works began on September 23 of that year, more than a month later than indicated. The mayor of Caracas and president of the Hugo Chávez Park Foundation, the executing agency for the construction of the soccer stadium (the baseball stadium is built by Fundapropatria 2000) made a first empty promise.

Although there are workers and machinery activated, little movement is perceived. From a distance you can see some workers and trucks operating. More closely you can hear some machinery on. There is no informational fence and secrecy prevails.

Anonymous worker testimonials

On August 17, 2017, a baseball stadium worker told the “Climax” portal that only between 100 and 150 workers work there. The construction guards prevented access to the site, to verify this information.

“The engineers who are in charge say that they are not authorized to give any type of information,” explains one of the guards of the work. “We need authorization from the president of the institution, Erika Farías, to be able to provide information, but previously you must bring a letter requesting what you need,” explains the Hugo Chávez Park Foundation receptionist. According to information from cronicauno.com

“I have been here for a year at the construction site and I have always seen the same number of workers”, comments a worker

Information about assigned resources

President Nicolás Maduro approved 300 million bolivars and 30 million dollars in 2013 to start the work. A source from the Municipal Council of Libertador pointed out that 24 million dollars were also allocated for the construction of the soccer stadium (with capacity for 55,000 fans) that has not yet begun, and that between “between 2017 and 2018 they were invested in that project 5,426,459.78 sovereign bolivars ”.

Author: Luis Cáceres


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