“Vicente Fernández speaks”, seer ensures contact from beyond

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“Vicente Fernández speaks”, seer ensures contact from beyond | .

Very strong! The YouTube show of shows Gossip No Like again causes a huge uproar on social networks thanks to the participation of the seer Dr. Rob, who appeared with Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain to speak nothing more and nothing less than of the singer Don Vicente Fernández.

Huge morbidity caused the fact that journalists announced the presence of Dr. Rob, recognized for his collaboration in cases of the United States authorities and who would speak about the dear Vicente Fernandez Gomez.

According to Dr. Rob, El Charro de Huentitán said he felt happy after having left since his family finally allowed him to do so, but he also shared some concerns about surprises that will come to the Fernández Dynasty.

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The seer assures that Vicente Fernández warned him that in a month a new testament will come out and not only that, but one more son, the same one that not even his own family would have knowledge of and who would be involved with the new testament.

The Mexican singer allegedly indicated that this person would be his eldest son, months older than the one known as his first-born, Vicente Fernández Jr. He also spoke about his departure and gave strong revelations.


“Vicente Fernández speaks”, seer ensures contact from beyond. Photo: Instagram.

According to Dr. Rob, the actor, too, would have indicated that his fall, which triggered all his health problems, would have been the responsibility of his wife María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, better known as Doña Cuquita and would also ensure that he died a day before the day his family revealed the news to his audience.

Javier Ceriani, presenter of Gossip No Like, addressed the specialist on whether Don Vicente Fernandez He had a message for his son Alejandro Fernández, who has always been characterized by his “rebellious” style and about whom many things are rumored about his preferences.

Dr. Rob assured that Vicente shared that he was “old-fashioned” and that where he was now he understood what his son was and indicated that he should not be ashamed of who he is and that it was time to say it with pride to the world.

Let us remember that the Fernández Abarca family reported through social networks of the Mexican idol his death on December 12, 2021 in the early hours of the Virgin of Guadalupe day. From the previous night there was speculation that this had already happened and that the family was hiding it.

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