Vicente Fernández, mourning again close to his family

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Vicente Fernández, mourning again close to his family | .

Again the mourning near the family of Vicente Fernández, just a little more than 20 days after having lost the beloved Charro de Huentitán and again, Alejandro Fernández has a new loss.

It has been announced that on January 4, 2022, the beloved and talented César Ceja passed away. The Mexican was a producer and arranger and worked with great talents such as Alejandro Fernández and Mon Laferte.

It was revealed that the artist worked alongside Don’s son Vicente Fernandez in his last two works, Made in Mexico and Breaking borders, so his interaction and relationship with El Potrillo was more than recent and close.

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The one who revealed the unfortunate loss was Mon Laferte herself, who described César Ceja as her best friend and assured that she will not forget him. The singer shared photographs with the also arranger of Vicente Fernández’s son when she was just beginning in music, Ceja can be seen on the guitar.

Laferte thanked Ceja for having been her best friend and having been with her at all times, he confessed that they both wrote many songs and that thanks to the “Chinese” he obtained a family in Mexico.

Vicente Fernández, mourning again close to his family. Photo: Capture.

Mon Laferte stressed that every May 2 he will remember with great affection who will also collaborate with Alejandro Fernández, because in addition to many things, they shared their birthday.

Let us remember that Made in Mexico, material with which he worked with Alejandro Fernández, the last one, is still being promoted by the son of Vicente Fernandez on the tour of the same name. El Potrillo has shown enormous professionalism by continuing the tour despite his father’s health problems and his unfortunate passing.

Alex’s audience applauded that just a week after burying the Charro de Huentitán, he fulfilled his presentations on said tour, in which, of course, he paid tribute to his father.

Who was also extremely affected on stage before the departure of Don Vicente Fernández was Alex, Alejandro’s son, who cried when he interpreted with El Potrillo a song that, in turn, he would have interpreted with his father.

After this, last New Year, Alejandro and his mother Doña Cuquita shocked social networks with a video in which they both sing a success by Don Vicente Fernández, whom they will surely never forget.

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