Twitter goes against TikTok with videos to react to tweets

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One of the most important phenomena in terms of social networks both in Spain and in the rest of the world has undoubtedly been TikTok. The social network has established a chair in the industry, and those that until now dominated with an iron fist, such as Twitter, are learning from it. Now, Twitter turns to the ByteDance network again to include video reactions.

As announced by Twitter itself, the social network will try to include tweets in the citations video reactions that users will be able to record. When a user retweets a tweet by quoting it, they can include a video reaction with the tweet itself embedded within the video. Pretty much the same formula that TikTok uses with replied comments, which allow users to record video reactions by replying to other users.

For now it will not leave a small number of users for iOS, which indicates that if it is officially launched, it will do so first on the Apple platform. Its use is also extremely simple and intuitive.

React to tweets

Doing these video reactions is very easy. When quoting a tweet, an icon called “Quote tweet with reaction” will appear, and the user will only have to locate it within the video and talk about it. In addition to video, the user will also be able to use photos, although this was already possible today, so the implementation in the latter case will be somewhat different.

Tweet reaction videos can now start on Twitter!
Testing on iOS: when you tap the Retweet icon, choose “Quote Tweet with reaction” to create and customize your very own Tweet Take –– a reaction video (or photo) with the Tweet embedded.

– Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) January 6, 2022

Let’s say it is something similar to record an Instagram story but reacting to a tweet. This seems to be an exclusive function of the official Twitter application, so more than likely users who have other clients installed will not be able to take advantage of them on their smartphones. It is not known if by the time this feature is released Android users will be able to use it at launch.

Be that as it may, this test follows the same modus operandi of others that Twitter has carried out in the past. For now, just a small group of users on Twitter for iOS they will be able to use this function. Presumably only in the United States, although Twitter has not provided location details of any kind. Unfortunately, being a test, it depends on the reception of the community that these videos end up arriving or not.

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