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The DGT reminds us that, if we have a problem on the road, there are a series of rules that we must follow so that getting out of the car is much safer.

Engine breakdowns, running out of battery or a flat tire are those types of situations that force you to stop on the road.

Although it can happen to anyone, these are moments with considerable danger. 42% of the times that a person is hit by a vehicle on the road end with death, despite the fact that only 1 in 10 accidents occur in these circumstances.

The General Directorate of Traffic has shared a tweet in which they teach us the steps to follow in case of having to stop on the road. Whether due to breakdown or any problem, these simple rules can save us from misfortune.

The run over on the road is the most lethal accident ☠️. In case of having to stop due to breakdown or emergency⤵️❌Signal and wear reflective vest❌Do not invade the road❌All occupants behind the barrier 👉https: //

– Directorate General Traffic (@DGTes) January 6, 2022

As seen in the explanatory video, it is very important to signal with the hazard lights that your vehicle has a problem. Then we have to try to get off the road, either by taking the first available exit or on the shoulder.

Then you have to put the triangles, but before getting out of the car we have to put on the reflective vest. There are multiple models to choose from and they don’t cost a lot. It is best to keep them in the glove compartment or in the space that is usually behind the seats.

You must always be careful when placing the triangles. If we are on the highway, we only have to put one, 50 meters behind the car. On two-way roads, the two triangles must be placed, one in front and one behind.

When putting them you have to be very careful, because we are going by road and we must try to make the signs visible when putting them. You can also put the V16 light, but it will be placed on the roof of the vehicle. The new emergency light will not be mandatory until 2026, so don’t be in a hurry.

Last but not least, we must get behind the guardrail or the barrier (whenever possible). This advice goes especially for the companions that we take, because perhaps they have us vests.

During a traffic control, the Civil Guard stops a certain number of vehicles. Sometimes it depends on chance, but sometimes it doesn’t. These are the cars most likely to be stopped at a traffic control.

You cannot be inside the car because if another vehicle hits us, the accident can be much worse. You have to position yourself well so as not to have more problems.

With these tips, I’m sure the next time you have a puncture on the road you can be much more visible and create less danger. We hope you are careful and follow these simple rules for your safety.

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