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Flexispot EG1 is a height-adjustable table to be able to work sitting or standing and that adapts to any board size you have or want.

The possibility of working from the office or from home has given us both positive and negative things. But there is an element that does not matter from where you work: spending many hours sitting in front of the computer is not good for your body.

That is why height-adjustable tables have become so fashionable for several years. But the most important change is that we now have much cheaper adjustable tables.

As an example this electrically adjustable table Flexispot EG1. You can change the height from its control panel and its electric motor will raise or lower it to where you want. And it is also cheap, now it only costs 189.99 euros.

Flexispot EG1 on Amazon

There are many other adjustable tables in stores like Amazon, but this one It is one of the cheapest that has an electric motor and keypad to adjust its height.

You have to keep in mind that it is the structure that moves the board, so you can take advantage of any table you have right now, buy a custom board in a carpentry or better, opt for a cheap Ikea board.

It has an electronic height control. Two buttons, one to raise and another to lower smoothly and best of all, it does not make any noise. The only thing you will need is to connect it to the electrical network and voila, you have a table that you can adjust to the height you want.

These five computers have plenty of power for your day to day, as well as weighing less than 1.5 kg so you can always carry them with you.

Flexispot EG1 can be adjusted in height from 71 centimeters to up to 121 centimeters, a height more than enough for most people. It also accepts boards from 85 to 129 centimeters.

You can put your laptop, keyboard, mouse, monitors and everything you want without fear since it accepts a weight of up to 70 kg.

The benefits of standing is that you can first switch from sitting to standing in an instant and thus avoid the fatigue and monotony of the day to day. But it is also that working standing up allows you to burn more calories. On average up to 0.15 kilocalories per minute. It is not much, but it is more than sitting.

It is also known that working standing up increases productivity. Just remember to get a padded rubber mat to avoid tiring your legs.

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An alternative to this table is the Esmart ETX-121W whose only difference is that it has a height memory and costs 199 euros.

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