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From now on, you might think twice about splashing a pedestrian when driving your car over puddled terrain.

During the winter months, we must take extreme precautions at the wheel due to ice, snow, rain and cold that can affect our driving.

Now the DGT can end up giving you a series of fines that you did not expect in winter and that you must know to avoid them.

And it is that as confirmed by Laguardia from sources of the DGT, the driver can get a good fine if he does not remove ice traces from the front windshield, drives with a thick coat, uses high-heeled boots or even splashes a pedestrian.

The DGT has shared a series of tips that help drivers learn to drive with greater caution and avoid the most common accidents.

In the first case, it is totally mandatory that our front windshield does not obstruct visibility at all, so we must take it totally clean so that it does not obstruct our vision.

So if any morning you wake up and when you take the car you see that you have an ice sheet on your windshield, it is mandatory that you remove it before leaving for the road. And is that driving with the windshield with a layer of dirt or ice that hinders visibility can lead to a penalty of 200 euros.

In this case, article 19 of the General Traffic Regulations states that “the glazed surface of the vehicle must allow clear visibility of the driver over the entire road on which it circulates.”

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They can also fine you for driving in a thick coat. Article 18 of the RGC states that the driver of the vehicle “is obliged to maintain his own freedom of movement.” This means that if you wear a thick coat that limits your freedom of movement when driving, you could be penalized if considered by a traffic officer. The penalty could amount to 200 euros.

About drive with high-heeled boots, It is exactly the same as driving in summer with flip flops. If the traffic officer considers that driving with high-heeled boots could affect your freedom of movement, he could sanction you.

And is that driving with heels can cause you not be able to step on the brake or accelerator properly, in addition to being able to get stuck on the bottom mat. The fine could be up to 200 euros.

Finally if you splash a pedestrian when passing with the car, and you are reported or hunted by a traffic officer, you could also be penalized.

Article 46 of the RGC states that “the vehicle will be driven at a moderate speed and, if necessary, the vehicle will stop when circumstances require it. […] when driving on slippery pavement or when water, gravel or other matter can be splashed or projected onto other road users ”.

It could be considered a serious offense with fines of 200 euros or very serious with a fine of 500 euros, depending on the speed of the vehicle when committing this offense and not on the amount of splashed water.

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