The Russo brothers sold shares of their production company to NEXON, a video game company – .

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Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are best known for directing several of the MCU’s biggest titles. His first step into Marvel was with Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 89%, considered by many to be the best sequel to the franchise. The great reviews, the excellent reception from the public and the general opinion that they had renewed the superhero titles made them the most important creators for the brand. With Avengers: Infinity War – 79% and Avengers: Endgame – 95%, the Russo brothers decided that their cycle at Marvel was closing and it seems that they continue with other plans.

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In 2017, the Russos founded their own production company called AGBO. The company is still in its infancy, but it is already responsible for the series Deadly classstarring Benedict Wong and Lana Condor; and the action films New York No Exit – 31% with Chadwick Boseman, and Rescue Mission – 82% with Chris Hemsworth, whose sequel will premiere on Netflix this year. Although the critics have not been particularly generous with their projects, the producers continue to work to offer interesting titles and the name of both made their company one of the most valuable.

That is why it is not surprising that associations were immediately sought to improve the production company. According to Deadline, the Russo brothers sold significant shares to the company. NEXON for US $ 400 million. The company focuses on online video games, but has a division for television and film projects in charge of Nick van dyk, a former Disney executive. The deal indicates yes AGBO believes it necessary, Dyk will approve the investment of another US $ 100 million during the first half of the year.

This agreement gives NEXON a 38% stake in AGBO, which was recently valued at $ 1.1 billion. The Russo brothers partnered with several important Marvel figures to build more independent projects, such as Cherry – 27%, starring Tom Holland, which, although it was not well received by critics, left the audience convinced of the young actor’s capabilities. .

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This type of partnership between companies is not new, but if it is successful then everyone will benefit a lot, as it is a way of covering all possible means to reach more public. In that regard, the Russo brothers explained their reasoning for joining NEXON:

For Joe and me, each project, each idea, wants to have a unique life. Being in an ever-changing technology landscape, we want the freedom to take and shape any idea in the way it wants to be taken and shaped. That independence is essential to that process and we went straight to NEXON and they recognized that from us right away and saw that it was indispensable to our value.

[La asociación] is based on our shared vision of the future for storytelling and uses the unique talents of the two companies.

Even if NEXON It is not that popular in the United States, where it is considered a growing company, the reality is that it is one of the most successful video game companies in South Korea. NEXON executives know very well that the union between game producers and brands does not always result in great successes, but they hope to break that pattern with this link, in which they will also try to take new and risky steps in Virtual Reality.

NEXON He is confident that the Russo brothers share their vision for how stories will be told in 10 years and how audiences will change alongside new technology being developed. For now, Joe russo Y Anthony Russo remain in the more traditional cinema and are developing the series Citadel for Amazon Prime, and the movie The gray man for Netflix that will have a budget of US $ 200 million, the most expensive project of the streaming service so far.

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