The praise of Max Verstappen to Canelo Álvarez

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Max verstappen Y Saul Canelo Alvarez they are on the crest of waves in their respective sports. Both closed the year in the best way and, to celebrate, they organized a tremendous party together to say goodbye to a great 2021 and start 2022 in the best way. In what was one of the most unexpected crossovers of recent times, they even took advantage of the occasional compliment.

Although the meeting was for the end of the year, as the days go by, several videos of the celebrations continue to come to light, with unpublished images of the athletes. On this occasion, they can be seen on top of a stage, encouraging the guests to have a good time. At one point, the Dutch pilot took over the microphone and said a few words to his colleague.

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Mad Max looked Canelo in the eye and showed him his admiration: “You’re going to be a monster.” Then, of course, he returned to incite those present to continue enjoying themselves. And the Mexican did not stay. “Let’s fucking party, bastards”, he threw for everyone to enjoy the party.

The funny moment between Max and Canelo

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Canelo and Verstappen’s big party

Canelo organized a luxurious party to receive Christmas in which his entire family and some of the members of his inner circle participated., who were invited, recorded some images of the event and shared the videos on their Instagram accounts.

In the images of the party to welcome 2022 you can see how champagne bottles circulate and Luis Miguel plays in the background with the volume at all he gives. Although he did not upload so many images to his personal account, Fernanda Gómez, his wife, published different videos and photos on his Instagram account that caused a stir.

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In addition to fireworks and an extravagant decoration, you can hear how Canelo’s favorite artist performs the famous hit La Media Vuelta and the boxer dances passionately. Even so, the big photo of the night was the one taken with Max Verstappen. The Formula 1 driver, who became champion at the end of 2021 with the Red Bull team, was photographed smiling with the Mexican boxer and everyone was surprised.

The most unexpected postal.

The most unexpected postal.

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In the videos you can see them both singing: “Because you want it or not, I am your owner. I want you to go around the world, and I want you to meet a lot of people”, one of the emblematic verses of Luis Miguel’s song and the video quickly went viral on networks.

“The truth is that it was a spectacular year on a personal level. Having achieved the four titles is something very special for me, and having married the woman I love, much better”, Canelo had commented for Hola Magazine. It is that in addition to the professional, the Mexican also had reasons to celebrate personally: in May he said yes with his now wife Fernanda Gómez.

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