The PP will take to Congress the suppression of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs for “useless and harmful”

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01/06/2022 at 11:49 CET

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

The PP not only wants Alberto Garzón to resign due to his statements about macrofarms, but also directly the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is abolished. This is what the popular ones ask for in a non-law proposal that they have registered in the Congress of Deputies in which they assure that it should be eliminated the portfolio directed by the federal coordinator of IU for being “useless and harmful” and because it stands alone “to satisfy the purely political and partisan aspirations of its incumbent.” The conservatives thus escalate their attack against the Minister of Consumption just after he was discredited on Wednesday by the government itself.

Garzón’s explanations assuring that in his interview with ‘The Guardian‘defended the extensive livestock model against that of macro-farms that “pollute” and “mistreat animals” has not served to calm the opposition. Nor to his fellow Executive. However, the PP has gone a step further and will try to promote a text in the Lower House to demand that the Government eliminate the Department of Consumption “within a month“and reorganize its functions between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance.

Among the arguments of the conservatives is that the Ministry that controls Garzón he hardly has any skills, since the vast majority are transferred to the autonomous communities. As they explain, this department has only obtained a 0.014% of the total General State Budgets for 2022, which implies a reduced item of 65.76 million euros. “It is clear, consequently, that the priority that the Executive gives to the protection of consumers in the 2022 PGE is residual and that its objective does not go beyond the gesture of maintaining one more ministry for strictly political reasons,” they emphasize.

The track record

In the text registered by the PP, mention is also made of “history of mistakes, gaffes and irresponsible actions“de Garzón. In his opinion, this Christmas his” irresponsible frivolity “has led him to try” to involve children in a ‘symbolic toy strike’ at a very hard time for Spanish consumers “by campaigning against sexism in toys.

Not only that. The popular ones charge against the initiatives of the Ministry of Consumption to try that the minors reduce the consumption of sugar. A few months ago, when Garzón launched this campaign, different leaders of the PP responded with photographs eating industrial pastries in an alleged gesture of rebellion. In addition, they accuse him of having “betrayed” the livestock and agricultural sector by having implemented the labeled ‘Nutri-score’, in force a dozen European countries.

In addition, the PP has announced that they will register motions in all communities, municipalities and councils to demand the immediate cessation of Garzón “for his attacks on livestock and the meat sector.” In the text that they will present it is indicated that the affirmations of the Minister of Consumption are “flatly false and demonstrate either the profound ignorance of this cabinet member or his abysmal sectarianism or both at the same time“.

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