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Windows turns 40 being one of the family. We could say that we are celebrating our anniversary. Let’s go back to 1982. The company Microsoft, based in Bellevue – remember that they did not move to Redmond until 1986 – is immersed in the development of the first version of a new operating system. The project, headed by Bill Gates himself – founding partner of the company together with Paul Allen – and codenamed Interface Manager, will still have to wait a year for its presentation in 1983. And there was still a couple of years to wait, until November 20, 1985, for Microsoft Windows 1.01 to see the light. Long enough for the industry to label it ‘vaporware’ – a term ironically coined a year earlier by Microsoft engineer Tandy Trower – because of the long wait.

Drop-down menus, scroll bars, icons and dialog boxes, an MS-DOS manager, Paint, Writer, Calculator, and even a game, Reversi. “Now, instead of typing MS-DOS commands, simply move the mouse to point and click on screens or windows,” they pointed out from Microsoft. And all for $ 99. The minimum requirements were 256 KB of RAM, two 5 ¼ double-sided disk drives and a graphics adapter card, although it was advisable to have a hard disk and a 512 KB memory to run several programs at the same time. Now there was only the arduous task of convincing companies and clients …

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A radically new paradigm, an operating system with a graphical user interface with which Microsoft had to confront the only company that had advanced in that environment, Apple. In 1988, Microsoft became the largest PC software company in the world and the product began to have traction, something that is confirmed with Windows NT and 95. The rest is history. 40 years later Windows looks different but somehow it is one of the family, with many elements that have survived the test of time, improved performance and, more recently, the cloud. Windows is still Windows.

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