The most spectacular Three Kings parades in Spain

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After a long wait, Three Kings Day is here and, the days before January 6, in Spanish homes already a habitual nervousness is perceived around these dates. The little ones of the house eagerly await their majesties from the East and there are many boys and girls who resort to the traditional method of requests: the letter to wise men.

The day before visiting all the houses, their Melchior Caspar and Balthazar they walk and parade along with their pages and a massive group of helpers through the cities of the whole country in their impressive cavalcades. Accompanying the little ones to this appointment is an exciting experience for both children and adults.

Therefore, in this article we review some of the most impressive horseback rides that take place in Spain. But, before going to any of them, we must inform ourselves that they have not suffered variations due to the restrictions to stop the advance of the coronavirus. If finally, we do not attend, it is always nice to remember the spectacular parades full of color, music, dances and magic.

Granada cavalcade

The one in Granada is one of the most traditional cavalcades in Spain and one of the most impressive. Floats, fireworks, dancers, sweets, Arabs, Egyptians, strongmen, a retinue of a thousand people, and so on. Anything goes in a parade of the most magical Three Wise Men in Spain.

The oldest, that of Alcoy

But, if we have to highlight a parade above the rest, we must talk about the mother of them all, of the oldest: Alcoy. Officially celebrated since 1885, although there are antecedents from 1866. The parade begins on the afternoon of January 4, when the royal ambassador announces the imminent arrival of the Magi while collecting letters from the village children. On January 5 Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar arrive in Alcoy and parade with their camels and their pages, who climb the balconies to leave gifts for the smallest of the houses.

Impressive parade in Madrid

There is no doubt that one of the great parades of the Kings is the one held in the Spanish capital. On the nights of January 3 and 4, several parades organized by different districts run through the streets of Madrid. But, the most important is the one that begins on the afternoon of the 5th in Nuevos Ministerios and ends in Cibeles. The entourage, of more than 40 floats, each year has a central theme.

A religious touch in Santander

The floats dressed with flower decorations travel the streets of Santander from the Palace of Festivals to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento for about two hours. The first part of the event is focused on fun for children, with magic shows, dances and music by the municipal band. Then it takes place a second more religious act of the Epiphany of the Lord, because upon their arrival in the square the Kings adore the child of the living Nativity scene that is located in this place.

The Magi dock in Barcelona

Their majesties They arrive sailing on a boat and dock in Barcelona. The Kings are received, in one of the busiest parades in Spain, by the mayor of the city and a group of children upon arrival at the port. Then they go through the city in floats until they reach the Montjüic fountain, distributing sweets to the children with the help of the mosquitoes.

The keys to the city in Seville

Seville begins the events to celebrate the Three Kings Day on January 4. In a symbolic event, The Royal Herald asks the mayor for the keys to the city so that Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar they can access the next day. The parade, which has more than 30 floats, 600 Bedunins, musical groups and cornet and drum bands, starts at the University and, after walking through the streets of the city, ends at the starting point.

The zambombas set the pace in Casavieja (Ávila)

Casavieja welcomes the Three Wise Men to the rhythm of zambombas and old Christmas carols. Their majesties from the East arrive in the Sierra de Gredos accompanied by a group of zambomberos and several floats: one with the star of Bethlehem and the other with a chocolate house for children with a sweet tooth.

Gijón receives the Magi, who arrive by sea

In Asturias, the royal messenger who sends the children’s letters to their majesties in the East is Prince Aliatar. Shortly before, the morning of January 5, The Three Wise Men arrive by sea at the Gijón marina on the ‘Estrella de Oriente’. There they are greeted by dozens of children who will ask them for wishes until the parade is over.

The Magi fly to Logroño

One of the most spectacular parades is the one held in Logroño, since those who come from the East they land every January 5 by helicopter at the Municipal Stadium of Las Gaunas. Afterwards, they parade through the city so that all the boys and girls can contemplate them.

The most winter Kings, in Teruel

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar arrive in Teruel in a totally surprising way. And it is that, the Kings they dispense with their camels to go down the mountains by sliding on the snow on skis. The Magicians are capable of descending with astonishing ease while they are distributing sweets among the little ones and animating a day that becomes different and special for all those who enjoy this sport.

Elche Kings Parade

This parade is one of the most magical of the year for two reasons. The first is that Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar begin the parade in different parts of the city, to meet at the Asunción school and walk the three together the last kilometers of the route. The other reason is to point out the houses in which the Three Wise Men have to leave their gifts by means of lighted torches placed on the doors or on balconies.

Horseback riding and theater in Churra, Murcia

The inhabitants of Churra are not satisfied with just seeing the Three Wise Men parade. In this town of just 5,000 inhabitants, their Majesties from the East also participate in a play with other neighbors. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar play themselves in the Auto de los Reyes Magos.

Magic comes to Donostia

Their Majesties from the East arrive by magic in San Sebastián. And it is that, nobody knows how they will appear. Nor is the point of arrival usually known, but what children do know is that their next step is always to go to the Town Hall. There they receive the letters of the smallest of the house to later begin their journey through the streets of the city. The txarangas (traditional music bands), the pages, the sheep and the mules accompany Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar in their peculiar parade.

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