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‘My DGT’, the application of the General Directorate of Traffic, should theoretically make life easier for drivers, but for some it is a headache.

With ‘my DGT’, the General direction of traffic has wanted to create an application that centralizes all the documents related to driving and that, in addition, is a center to manage fines, receive information, etc. However, it doesn’t work as well as it should: these are lThe most frequent traffic miDGT problems.

Actually there is an error that is the most important and that, according to the opinions expressed in the stores of both Apple and Google Play, affects a significant number of users: the application disconnects and, or else it costs a lot to re-identify , or directly or get it.

Some indicate that it has been after an update when the problem has occurred, others say that it has happened to them for no apparent reason: the application has taken them out and then they have not been able to enter again.

This is a real “chore” since, as the DGT itself said that the app is worth like the license (by law you have to carry it, but it is not indicated in what format), many drivers only carry it and do not have a driving license physical.

This has put more than one in trouble before a police control, even receiving a fine for not being able to access’my DGT‘and, therefore, not being able to prove to the agents that they have the license.

In addition, getting access is a challenge since, as one user comments, the process to log in is anything but simple: enter the cl @ ve, the app redirects to a browser (which sometimes gives a compatibility problem), you enter the DNI, also the expiration date of the permit (you have to know it by heart) …

… and then you have to open the cl @ ve application, put the unlock pattern, copy the generated code, paste it on the page opened in the browser, access and say yes to the question if you want to continue in ‘my DGT’ .

Too many steps compared to simply removing the card from the wallet, to which we must add that, as the events take place in a place with poor coverage, things are even more difficult.

Finally, and although taking into account the above it is a minor complaint, there are also several users who point out that the interface of the app is outdated and not very intuitive, also pointing out that it seems more like an environment of a web page than of an application.

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