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Halle Bailey’s casting for the role of Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid – 92% caused quite a stir, because, unlike previous live-action remakes, the main character would change his appearance. The original little mermaid was white and with red hair, but in the case of the live-action remake Disney opted for a young Afro-descendant, the singer and actress known for her group Chloe x Halle and for the Grown-ish series – 100%.

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The image that most fans of The little Mermaid they had in mind was that of white and red-haired Ariel, even Halle Bailey He thought that way and couldn’t believe when they told him to audition for the role. Finally, after working on the project, she is grateful for the opportunity she has and that many people of color will be reflected in this new version of Ariel. When talking about it on the show Talks with Mama Tina, Bailey said the following (via MovieWeb):

Getting that role felt very surreal, it was a huge surprise to me. Even when they asked me to audition, I looked and said, ‘Me? For Ariel? ‘ … My image of Ariel that I have had is red hair, pale skin and a tail, and she was amazing to me. He loved her, like everyone else. But this is how I have seen her for so long.

At first, the actress admits, it was not easy to carry the pressure of giving life to such a popular character, but with the support of her sister and with her willpower, she managed to overcome:

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Going into the filming process, I had to learn and say to myself ‘you can do it and it’s okay, and my sister is here,’ and she was. It was a beautiful experience for me to spread my wings like that. But [estoy] So grateful that I was able to reinvent Ariel and show other beautiful young black and tan kids that, hey, you can be this too. You are magical and mythical and all the wonderful things in between too.

The film also features performances by Jonah Hauer-King like Prince Eric; Melissa McCarthy as the villain Ursula; Javier Bardem as King Triton; Daveed Diggs as Sebastian; Jacob Tremblay as Flounder; and Awkwafina as the Scuttle bird. Rob Marshall (Chicago – 86%, Memoirs of a Geisha – 35%, The Return of Mary Poppins – 74%) is in charge of directing it.

Despite the racist criticism and insults of which he has been a victim, Halle Bailey he has managed to keep his spirits up. In 2019 during the Power of Young Hollywood event, he stated the following (Variety):

I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m just grateful and not paying attention to negativity. I just feel that this role is something bigger than me, something spectacular, and it’s going to be beautiful. I am very excited to be a part of all of this.

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