“The Cup is made for other teams to win”

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01/06/2022 at 19:34 CET

Alvaro CerveraCádiz coach, criticized the current format of the Copa del Rey and said that his team does not aspire to win this competition despite overcoming the tie against Fuenlabrada.

“It is very difficult to play this type of game, one Kings Day, at four in the afternoon. the Copa del Rey, a competition made for other teams to win and not Cádiz “He pointed out at the subsequent press conference.

“The draws are not pure, normally it is played at the home of the weakest opponent without being back and forth. That already, from my point of view, is not fair. A competition is played exactly when it is drawn, you have to go back and forth and that’s it. In addition there are teams that do not enter until I do not know how many of the final because they are in other competitions, “he added.

“This competition is designed so that in the end Real Madrid, Barcelona or Atlético arrive, which are the best. And so that modest teams can make the box office, which I think is well designed. We are a little way up to Let Fuenlabrada or a similar team catch you one day, win you and make it national news. Or Barcelona or Madrid take you and eliminate you, “he said.

Despite this, he accepted the victory: “Good things happen to us is well received because at the moment in LaLiga everything is bad news. We know that the Cup is not a competition for us, many times training disrupts us, people who have to stop for injuries. “

“The game for me is very even, the difference in category has hardly been noticed. In the first half I think we have been better than them, they have been better in the second. We have not shot at goal but we have had situations for it, that for me it is the important thing. And in soccer it is not about shooting more or less but about when you can, to put it. We have been lucky to do it, “he added.

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What’s more, took the opportunity to ask for reinforcements in winter: “We need players in this category. Positions do not matter to me. We need to strengthen the team with players accustomed to playing in this category, with what it entails to play in First tactically, technically and physically. That they give us a plus.”

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