The Civil Guard warns how dangerous it is to send the DNI for Wallapop and the like, and what steps to take to avoid risks if you have already done so | Technology

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Since second-hand stores reached mobile phones, it is very normal to end up putting our personal data in the apps of said stores. This is very dangerous according to the Civil Guard.

We are all used to scanning the DNI and putting it in all kinds of applications. What if the bank, what if to authenticate a purchase, what if to enter the Tax Agency …

Now, with mobile phones, scanning our ID does not take more than a minute and sending it robs us of a couple of seconds of our valuable time. Hence, more identity documents have been scanned in the last decade than in the entire last century.

But this is dangerous if we don’t do it with a head, that is, only when it is really necessary and the other party is a safe and reliable entity.

For someone to get our DNI is very dangerous, explains the Civil Guard, since they gives the power to impersonate our identity with a document that is very difficult to copy, Hence, when someone shows a DNI, everyone assumes that it is real.

The usurpation of identity is a very serious crime and in 2019 there were already twice as many cases reported than in 2011, so we are talking about a very fashionable criminal practice in recent years.

This is mostly due to second-hand buying / selling, where apps like Wallapop have flourished like wildfire and where some buyers take advantage to try to steal personal information with transactions.

And it is that, no matter how much they ask us for our DNI in a purchase by Wallapop or similar, we should never send our DNI to anyone, since this process is not necessary on the second hand and it is most likely that the intention of the requestor is to steal said sensitive information.

The Civil Guard explains that what we must do if we have already given our ID to a stranger and we do not trust him is to report him to the police station, under the concept of: complaint for theft of the DNI and request to issue a new one.

This electronic DNI reader is approved in Spain. It connects via USB to a PC or Mac to use the DNI certificate in official procedures.

In this way, if in the future someone uses our previous ID, the one that we inadvertently provided before we knew it was a bad idea, we can show that this person has impersonated us thanks to the complaint to the police.

So, in short, never give your national identity document to anyone who is not trustworthy, and if you have already given it by mistake, report it to the police and demand that they issue you a new one, so they will not be able to usurp your identity.

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