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Having a clean screen on your Mac is essential, not only because any speck of dirt is a nuisance, but because, of course, everything looks much better. The fact is that not just any product is worth it and if you do it wrong, you can damage the panel in the medium term. That is why here is the best way to clean your Mac screen to avoid any future failure and also do it accordingly.

If you have a stain, fingerprints or lint on the panel of your computer it is an absolute nuisance, since it does not allow you to see things properly.

As you suppose, the solution is to clean the screen of your Mac, although not everyone is clear about the most effective method for this.

You spend money on a specific product, you are looking for a cloth of certain conditions or you try your luck with some kitchen paper that you have at home. Very common solutions that can harm the quality of the panel in the long term and that surely you would not be amused.

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Well, believe it or not, there is a very effective and completely free method to clean the screen of your Mac correctly and that it is specified on the Apple support page.

The only thing you need to have on hand it is a soft, lint-free cloth moistened only with water. Yes, you do not need any specific and very specific cleaning product that costs you some money.

You simply need a cloth that you have at home that meets these conditions and a little water to gently wipe the screen. When you see that there are no visible smudges on the screen, use the dry part of the cloth to finish the job.

If you see that the stain is not removed, you will have to go to the checkout and get a 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution, but I can assure you from my own experience that if you repeat the process of water and cloth a few Sometimes the dirt will eventually go away completely.

However, before you start cleaning your Mac screen —Well any model you have at home— make sure you have the equipment turned off and if it is a desktop, disconnected from the power.

And under no circumstances use any spray directly on the screen or aerosols, solvents, abrasive substances or cleaners that contain hydrogen peroxide, as they can damage the finish.

The easiest, free and correct method to clean the your mac screen is to use a little water to moisten the cloth and gently wipe the panel until the expected results are obtained.

This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Carlos Ferrer-Bonsoms Cruz.

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