Thanksgiving 2021: When is it?

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. Central American immigrants and their families pray before Thanksgiving dinner on November 24, 2016 in Stamford, Connecticut.

This seen that when Thanksgiving Day is mentioned, immediately the most representative image that comes to our minds is that of a large family dinner, whose central protagonist is a large turkey located in the center of the table, accompanied by the more appetizing desserts and colorful garnishes make all the decoration of the holiday.

Thanksgiving Day 2021 is this Thursday, November 25

But do you know the meaning of this celebration?

This date is a public holiday that is celebrated in the US and Canada on the last Thursday of November. Being one of the most important holidays for American citizens due to the symbolic and identity power that the holiday has, in this dinner the most important thing is to give thanks for everything you have: friends, home, family and material goods necessary for lead a quiet and dignified life.

A beautiful family tradition

Thanksgiving Day, translated as Thanksgiving Day, is a holiday celebrated in North America. Originally, it was a day of appreciation for the harvest and for the year of survival. We invite you to know this celebration.
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Thanksgiving dinner dictates that it is a family event that by tradition is held in each of the homes that have adopted its celebration. The essence of this celebration is to get together as a family to enjoy together the great and delicious food alluding to the date.

Being the company and the union part of the links that keep the family standing, to strengthen these ties, nothing better than to enjoy on this great day other activities that have been added to the celebration.

In addition to the food, it is a tradition to have family games, watch football games, and go out to the streets of New York to see the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade go by. For those who do not have the opportunity to witness it live, they can welcome the Christmas spirit by watching the parade through the televised broadcast.

When is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

This holiday that is celebrated sacredly every year, since President Washington declared Thanksgiving a national holiday and after editor Sarah Josepha Hale lobbied for it to be officially recognized, it was decreed that it would be celebrated on last Thursday of the month of November, but with the passing of time it was modified to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month of November, which resulted in a different date each year. This 2021 Thanksgiving will be Thursday, November 25.

The origin of Thanksgiving

True to tradition, US President Joe Biden forgave two huge turkeys that will no longer become the main dish during Thanksgiving, and took the opportunity to allude to his infrastructure plan and the pandemic .

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It all started in 1620, when a ship left England with 102 passengers for the New World. After 66 days of travel, these first settlers arrived in Plymouth, what is now the state of Massachusetts, and began to build a village.

The first winter was so harsh that only half of the settlers survived. In March 1621 they received a visit from the Indians, who explained to them how to grow corn, fish or avoid poisonous plants. Thus, an alliance between the local tribe and the European settlers began to be forged, lasting more than 50 years.

Why do you eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

When the month of November arrived and the settlers harvested the first crop of corn they had grown, they threw a party to celebrate it and invited a group of Native Americans. The celebration lasted three days and is known as the first Thanksgiving in history.

The Indians brought turkeys and deer meat, while the settlers prepared different types of grain. For this reason, the turkey has become the main symbol of this holiday, in which families celebrate a great meal all together.

After this first celebration, Thanksgiving Day was held for more than two centuries in the colonies and in the states, although it was not declared a national holiday until 1863. However, it would not be until 1941 when former President Theodore Roosevelt would move Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday of November.

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