Televisa already has an actor for its bioseries

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Vicente Fernández: Televisa already has an actor for its bioseries | .

It has been some time since there was rumors about a series by Vicente Fernández, however, since he lost his life the rumors became reality and the production houses have been thinking about making his serial shipment, among them Televisa.

Despite the fact that it is known that the dynasty did not reach a serious agreement with the television station, they have already announced the launch of the biographical series of singer, It was even said that it was likely that the series could not be specified based on the ranchero singer.

However, it has been reported in different media that Joaquin Lopez Doriga and the show program, tell me, have already confirmed that the company has already set your goal of launching a series stadium and thus reflect the life of the Charro de Huentitán.

“If you remember him for several years, Don Vicente meets with the charges, Giacomini Emilio proposes to do the series to the singer, the negotiations begin, the subject is lost. It seems that, according to what they say, there was Gerardo’s interference and the negotiations broke up, ”Joel O’Farril began on December 16, 2021

“Now that Televisa found out that the Netflix series will be made, they felt, they felt betrayed,” he concluded.

Now it has been announced who will be in charge of interpreting Vicente, it would be the good Pablo Montero, who in addition to being an excellent singer is also an actor.

Pablo Montero / Instagram
Pablo Montero would be the actor who will play Chente in the Televisa bioseries.

The announcement of this election has generated divided opinions and comments among social network users, many wondering if Pablo Montero will be able to fill the role of the famous interpreter, a situation that could be said to be confirmed.

Some users also think that Vicente Fernández would not like this choice and many others consider him to be a lousy actor, however we will have to wait for the series to be authorized by Fernández, despite the fact that the producer has already decided perform the.

There has also been talk that Televisa is probably based on Olga Wornat’s book, but so far nothing is confirmed.

After so many speculations and theories, it is very likely that very soon we will have the truth of the matter, we have to continue to be vigilant and we recommend you to be on Show News so that you find out everything relevant connects saw series and the news of the entertainment world.

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