Summary and goals of Mirandés – Rayo Vallecano (0-1) Copa del Rey match

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01/05/2022 at 22:51 CET


The Rayo Vallecano managed to overcome the tie of Copa del Rey before him Mirandés (0-1) thanks to a bit of Andres Martin in the 66th minute, in a game in which the local team never lowered their arms.




Ramón Juan, Iago López, Sanchís (Carreira, 74 ‘), Arroyo, Capellini, Letic, Olguin, Oriol Rey (Brugui, 74’), Hassan, Gelabert (Roro Riquelme, 52 ‘) and Marqués (Camello, 74’).

Vallecano Ray

Luca, Mario Hernández (Balliu, 65 ‘), Maras, Mario Súarez, Fran García, Óscar Valentín (Saveljich, 58’), Andrés Martín (Sergio Moreno, 79 ‘), Nteka (Isi Palazón, 79’), Kevin Rodrigues, Baby and Falcao (Trejo, 58 ‘).


0-1 M. 66 Andrés Martín.


Munuera Montero (Andalusian). TA: Olguín (82 ‘) / Andrés Martín (73’). TR: Iago López (96 ‘).


Match corresponding to the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey played at the Anduva Stadium before 1,411 spectators.

From the beginning of the duel the Lightning generated dangerous plays, in turn carrying the weight of possession and making work Ramon Juan despite the five-player defense designed by Lolo Escobar.

Nteka had the clearest chance of the first half, after a good triangulation by the Vallecanos, but the French forgave what could have been the first goal of the match.

The first of the Mirandés It took him almost half an hour to arrive and it was the work of Hassan. It served for the local team to stabilize in the game, without generating chances but also without suffering much. In the final stretch of the first half, the Lightning recovered the baton of the match, but without finding a way to beat the goal of Ramon Juan.

The second part started with a scare for him Mirandés, but in this case in the form of injury, since Gelabert slipped on the wet grass of Anduva and could not continue with knee problems.

Marquis was about to score the first for the locals after a center of Hassan that crashed into the crossbar and shortly after Capellini he scored after a corner kick, but the referee canceled the goal.

When he was playing the best Mirandés, came the both of those of Andoni Iraola, after a triangulation from the inside and a center from the left that Andrés Martín finished off the mark.

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The locals did not throw in the towel and, with the entry of Brugué, Luca Zidane had to save his team twice from two shots from the local player. Roro Riquelme, with a shot to a squad, he was able to surprise the Rayo goalkeeper, who once again saved his team against an opponent who sought a tie with their hearts.

A job he also did during the seven minutes of added time, with a Lightning that reduced balls until the final 0-1 that gave him the pass to the next round.

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