Summary and goals of Mancha Real

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01/06/2022 at 22:14 CET

Roger Payró

It has not ‘opened’ it today, but it is worth the simile to say that have to Nico Williams is a real gift for Athletic. Iñaki’s brother, at 19, is growing by leaps and bounds and is crying out for more prominence under Marcelino’s orders. His double -in which was his first scorer as’ zurigorri’- classified the rojiblancos for the eighth of the Copa del Rey (0-2) and ended the dream of the modest Atlético Mancha Real, the only Second RFEF team that was alive in the competition.



Royal Stain

Lopito; Raul Pérez (Chumilla, 77 ‘), Borrego, Cabello, Fernando Gómez (Mario Ordóñez, 71’); Espinosa, Quesada (Del Amo, 71 ‘), Rafilla; Corral (Pablo González, 54 ‘), Jose Enrique and Arroyo (Campuzano, 54’).


Agirrezabala; Petxa (Balenziaga, 64 ‘), Vivian, Íñigo Martínez, Lekue; Nico Williams (Zarraga, 71 ‘), Nolaskoain (Dani García, 70’), Vegsa, Nico Serrano; Raúl García (Artola, 78 ‘) and Berenguer (Sancet, 64’).


0-1 M. 20 Nico Williams. 0-2 M. 43 Nico Williams.


Martínez Munuera (Valencian). No cards.


Youth. About 4,000 spectators.

The little Williams did not take long to do his thing. A play on the right wing ended in a center that Raúl García headed high. The lion box assumed its role of favorite from the beginning and did not cause surprises in its debut in the competition. A center touched by Lekue was not cleared at all well by the goal and Nico did not forgive.

Before half an hour he touched the double in a great personal play that ended with a left-footed shot to the crossbar but the second was not long in coming. On the edge of the break, Vesga sent a long ball and after a masterly guided control Williams sentenced the tie.

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Despite their good manners with the ball and timid approaches, Mancha Real was not able to put Athletic in a tight spot in the second half. In fact Lopito avoided Berenguer’s 0-3 as soon as it started and the crossbar avoided another goal that seemed clear after a remate from Raúl García and subsequent detour from Sancet.

Head up for the Jaén team, which is dismounted from the KO tournament by one of the ‘kings’ of the tournament and with the memory of having eliminated a Primera like Granada.

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