Summary and goals of Fuenlabrada

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01/06/2022 at 18:18 CET


Cádiz made it to the second round of the Copa del Rey (0-1) at the last moment of their match against Fuenlabrada, when extra time was already taken for granted at the Fernando Torres stadium.




Nose; Iñaki, Sotillos, Pulido, Pol Valentín (Iribas, 70 ‘); Diéguez, Cristóbal (Konaté, 46 ‘), Friend, Anderson; Zozulya (Kanté, 58 ‘) and Timité (Pedro León, 58’).


David Gil; Parra, Chust, Cala, Arzamendia; Bastida (Espino, 78 ‘), Álex Fernández, Jonsson (Alarcón, 55’); Sobrino (Alejo, 89 ‘), Andone (Negredo, 78’) and Osmajic (Chapela, 55 ‘).


Gil Manzano (Extremadura). TA: Osmajic (48 ‘), Chust (74’) and Konaté (86 ‘).


Fernando Torres. 1,819 spectators.

The cup tournament was presented to both teams as an opportunity to achieve an exciting victory and a balm with which to alleviate the league ills, located as they are in the qualifying catacombs of the two highest categories of Spanish football.

But nevertheless, Neither need nor illusion penetrated the contenders. They honored the Three Kings Day and gave away the first part, offering a little frenetic show except for very isolated situations.

A) Yes, Andone He threatened with a header from a corner and later tried with a wide-range shot from the right side. In the opposite area, the greatest danger was generated Pol Valentin with a center-kick that touched the top of the crossbar.

Given the circumstances, the game could only get better after the break. And luckily for the fans, it was. A more stimulated local team began to stretch and had two clear opportunities, a shot that grazed a stick of Anderson and a head of Polished after a corner kick that forced a good intervention by David gil.

Not for that reason the people of Cádiz fell down, you want to be able to get ahead thanks to a hit by Chapela that did not find a goal. The foundations to improve the quality of the crash were in place and the only thing missing was that with the passing of the minutes the ambition arrived.

It was this greater in the case of the host, who took a step forward with the entry of Pedro León, who was able to overtake his team through an impact from the second row well saved by David gil.

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When everyone got ready to play thirty more minutes, Alarcon hunted the ball to the edge of the area and hit it hard and low out of reach of Nose.

Cádiz added thus his third triumph in the Copa del Rey, which is also the third in an official match since last November 5.

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