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01/06/2022 at 22:32 CET


Raúl Guti, with a goal in the 84th minute, completed Elche’s comeback in Almería and he classified Francisco’s team to the last 16 of the Copa del Rey, after a first half dominated by the people of Almería and in which the people of Elche made the most of their arrivals in the local area.




Makaridze (Fernando, 54 ‘); Juanjo Nieto, Aitor Buñuel (Chumi, 71 ‘), Babic, Iván Martos, Álex Centelles; De la Hoz (Samú Costa, 60 ‘), Javi Robles; Gilbert, Appiah and Ramazani (Dyego Sousa, 60 ‘) (Álex Pozo, 71’).


Werner; Barragán, Roco (Gonzalo Verdú, 46 ‘), Diego González, Josema; Iván Marcone (Gumbau, 65 ‘), Raúl Guti, Josan (Tete Morente, 87’), Piatti (Fidel, 76 ‘), Pastore (Benedetto, 65’); and Pere Milla.


1-0 M. 42 Ramazani. 1-1 M. 52 Piatti. 1-2 M. 84 Raúl Guti.


Hernández Hernández (Canary). AS: Javi Robles (56 ‘), Dyego Sousa (65’), Appiah (66 ‘), Samú Costa (68’), Álex Centelles (83 ‘) / Barragán (49’), Diego González (64 ‘), Gonzalo Verdú (66 ‘), Pere Milla (68’) and Josema (90 ‘).


Mediterranean Games Stadium. 7,086 spectators.

Almería presented a defense of five, with two long-distance lanes. Both starred on the first occasion of the match, with Juanjo Nieto centering from the right to the far post and Álex Centelles finishing off the wood. Almería touched the goal again in the 19th minute, in a corner kick that Babic finished off at the far post, although Pere Milla was able to clear the Serbian’s header.

Of the two teams, the one that insisted the most looking for the opposite goal was Almería. In just a few minutes, Aitor Buñuel tried his luck from outside the area, Ramazani tried with a direct free kick, Appiah forgave Werner, Ramazani failed to finish off a ball that came from the left and another shot from Álex Centelles touched the post.

So much insistence had its reward for the Almeria at 42 minutes. Ramazani and Juanjo Nieto made a play entering from the right side which ended with the Belgian sending the ball to the back of the net with a left-footed shot.

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Elche reacted after passing through the changing rooms. Josan found Piatti in depth and the Argentine, with a rojiblanco past, beat Makaridze to make the tie. The Georgian goalkeeper, with physical problems since the end of the first half, could not continue on the pitch after that action.

Nor could Dyego Sousa continue, when he had only been on the pitch at the Mediterranean Games for a few minutes, when resenting some discomfort. By then the game had heated up, with the referee pulling out as many as eight yellow cards in 25 minutes.

A shot from Benedetto that bounced off a rojiblanco defender was poisoned and was able to overtake Elche. The one who achieved it was Raúl Guti, surprising the rojiblanca defense, after a free kick, completing the comeback from Elche.

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