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If you are looking for a washing machine to start the year 2022 on the right foot, Hisense has an option for you and that is on sale with a lower price than expected for a product in this category.

Washing clothes is a necessity, but when doing it you have to take many factors into account. And, it is that, the prices of the electricity are by the clouds; washing machines from several years ago are not up to the standards of the new ones when it comes to energy efficiency.

January is a complicated month, but it is better to start it on the right foot with a washing machine with a large capacity sale price and that, in addition, will help us now throughout the following years.

Hisense WFQY9014EVJM Advance Washer 9kg

The Hisense washing machine that is on sale has a discount that lowers its price to 354.23 euros and features a drum that accepts up to 9 kilograms of laundry. This capacity makes it possible to wash garments from a large family nucleus.

Regarding the benefits, the first thing to keep in mind is that it comes with a class B energy certification. This makes it in a more than interesting range for anyone who wants to save on electricity bills.

The washing machine is an important investment in any home. This report was born with the idea of ​​helping to understand what to ask for today and which is the model that best suits the needs of each home.

What’s more, the motor that gives life to this Hisense washing machine is capable of reaching up to 1,400 rpm or revolutions per minute. If you are not familiar with this unit, it is the one that is used to know the spin power of the washing machines.

Thus, by having 1,400 rpm the clothes will come out much less humid and this will make drying them easier. Yes indeed, This washing machine has different programs that will automatically adapt to each fabric of the clothes to be washed.

Among these programs, the one that stands out the most is steam washing. The Hisense washing machine uses large amounts of steam quickly to remove allergens from clothes and avoid any type of skin reaction.

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Of course, it is not the only interesting program or feature of this washing machine on sale. Hisense has integrated a mode in which you can pause the wash to add clothes that we have forgotten.

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