Spain overwhelms Iran in its preparation for the European

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01/06/2022 at 23:33 CET


The Spanish handball team overwhelmed Iran this Thursday (36-22) in the first match of the International Tournament that is being held in Cuenca, where Japan will not be measured, prior to the European dispute in Hungary and Slovakia between January 13 and 30.



Spain, 36

(18 + 18): Sergi Hernández (1); Ignacio Peciña (1), Jorge Maqueda (1), Ángel Fernández (2), Ferrán Solé (4), Adrián Figueras (2), Joan Cañellas (2), Agustín Casado (4), Antonio García (2), Aleix Gómez (6), Aitor Ariño (1), Gedeón Guardiola (2), Ian Tarrafeta (2), Sánchez-Migallón (1) and Kauldi Odriozola (4).

Iran, 22

(9 + 13): Siavoshi and Kazerooni (1), goalkeepers; Heidarpour (1), Kazemi, Esteki (4), Gharehlou (4), Kabirianjoo (2), Kiani, Gholamiesbouei, Askari (5) and Asari (5).


Soria Fabián and Monjo Ortega. They excluded, for Spain, Odriozola, Casado, Cañellas and Peciña. For Iran, Heidarpour, Kabirianjoo and Gholamiesbouei.


First match of the XLVI International Tournament of Spain, Memorial ‘Domingo Bárcenas’, played at the El Sargal sports center in front of some 700 people, because they could only attend 50% of the capacity due to the covid. After the match, referee David Monjo Ortega received a tribute from the Spanish Handball Federation for his withdrawal from refereeing.

Jordi Ribera’s team, with several new faces, He came out with enthusiasm and found in the first actions a good Mohammad Siavoshi under sticks, although after Solé’s first goal in minute 2, it was 4-0, with Spain playing fast and taking advantage of Sergey’s saves.

Gideón and Migallón formed a great central defense, which made it difficult for Iran to score, although they tried with Esteki’s one-on-one, one of the most prominent of his team, while Tarrafeta and Guardiola in attack began to meet to put the 9-3 of minute 14.

Seeing that his own did not react, Montoya decided to call a time-out in the 17th minute with 11-4 on the scoreboard. They sought to shorten differences their players but the 5: 1 of Spain with Odriozola in advanced caused robberies and simple goals of those of Ribera, who went 18-9 at halftime.

After passing through the changing rooms, Spain continued to play a great game, giving the first minutes to a Márquez who sought to earn his place and please those present, although he collided in several actions with Ali Rahimi in goal, who stood out in the second half alongside Sadegui and its great exterior launch, although the Spanish had more than controlled the crash.

They only saw a bit of relaxation with 24-17 of minute 46, when Ribera decided to call up his team to seek to widen the difference, something they did little by little after adjusting the defense and putting the maximum in 54 ‘with Aleix’s 32-19 in one against.

In the end, 36-22 and great debut of Spain in its tournament with a fans of Cuenca delivered to ‘La Roja’ in the previous appointment to the European.

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