Soto, Tatis, Vladdy Jr. Acuña Jr. Verdugo or Franco in 2022?

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We start to beat the season 2022 of the Major League Baseball – MLB and then we will analyze which of these Latino players will shine brighter in terms of numbers in the coming course of the best baseball in the world.

There is no doubt that facing the coming course of the Major Leagues the spotlights will be on the Dominicans again Juan Soto, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr, Wander Franco, the Venezuelan Ronald Acuña Jr. and the mexican Alex Verdugo, being them the present and future of baseball, but the question is: which of them will have better numbers in 2022 with their respective teams?

Juan Soto – Washington Nationals

The Dominican will again face a year in the MLB being a key reference for the Nationals, so according to Fangraphs, his numbers will be the following:

Games 150 Plate Appearances: 663 At-Bats: 517 Hits: 160 Doubles: 29 Triples: 2 Home Runs: 36 Scored: 112 RBIs: 106 Walks: 135 Stolen Bases: 11 AVG: .310 OBP: .453 SLG: .586 OPS: 1,039 WAR: 7.2.

Fernando Tatis Jr. – San Diego Padres

The San Diego shortstop looks for another really positive year in the Major Leagues and will seek to continue to be a benchmark, so the projections establish these figures:

Games 150 Plate appearances: 677 At-bats: 587 Hits: 165 Doubles: 32 Triples: 2 Home runs: 46 Scored: 116 RBIs: 108 Walks: 75 Stolen bases: 26 AVG: .281 OBP: .366 SLG: .575 OPS: .941 WAR: 7.0

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – Toronto Blue Jays

The “Junior” comes from a full 2021, where he fought for the MVP and the Triple-Crown and according to Fangraphs, by 2022 this young man will not stop shining in MLB baseball.

Games 150 Plate Appearances: 656 At-bats: 567 Hits: 176 Doubles: 30 Triples: 2 Home Runs: 43 Scored: 108 RBIs: 120 Walks: 76 Stolen Bases: 3 AVG: .309 OBP: .394 SLG: .598 OPS: .992 WAR: 5.8

Ronald Acuña Jr. – Atlanta Braves

The Venezuelan will face 2022 hungry for revenge after that terrible injury and his numbers in 2022 will be very attractive, so it will be of vital importance for the Atlanta organization, which has just won the World Series.

Games 122 Plate appearances: 557 At-bats: 465 Hits: 132 Doubles: 25 Triples: 2 Home runs: 32 Scored: 99 RBIs: 78 Walks: 74 Stolen bases: 25 AVG: .285 OBP: .391 SLG: .569 OPS: .960 WAR: 5.6

Wander Franco – Tampa Bay Rays

The young sensation of the Rays will face his first year in 2022 after that juicy contract extension, where he will seek to demonstrate why he always projected himself for important and big things in MLB.

Games 149 Plate appearances: 651 At-bats: 589 Hits: 170 Doubles: 33 Triples: 9 Home runs: 19 Scored: 85 RBIs: 84 Walks: 49 Stolen bases: 10 AVG: .289 OBP: .346 SLG: .472 OPS: .818 WAR: 5.1

Alex Verdugo – Boston Red Sox

The Mexican will seek to continue being important in Alex Cora’s lineup and without a doubt his numbers in 2022 will be followed, because quietly, he is one of those players who shine and give something to talk about silently.

Games 141 Plate appearances: 614 At-bats: 548 Hits: 157 Doubles: 35 Triples: 2 Home runs: 16 Scored: 80 RBIs: 70 Walks: 52 Stolen bases: 6 AVG: .286 OBP: .351 SLG: .445 OPS: .796 WAR: 2.4

Without a doubt, these six Latino players are among the youngest and most attractive in the Major Leagues, so it is good to create the unknown of who will be the one who will shine the most in the next season.

Who will have the best year?


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