Santiago Solari applies values ​​learned at Real Madrid to America

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Solari has set his sights on La Liga players to reinforce America.

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The Argentinian Santiago Solari affirmed this Thursday that He applies values ​​learned during his time at Real Madrid in his work as coach of Mexican America, in which he was a player, coach and of which he is considered an ambassador.

I apply the values ​​that are inherent in football, effort, the ability to excel, patience, perseverance and others that are easy to name, but difficult to sustain on a day-to-day basis such as discipline, humility and one that I always try. highlight, gratitude“He responded to . at a press conference.

Solari, 45, signed for Real Madrid in 2000 and in five seasons as a merengue footballer he played 209 games and scored 22 goals. The Argentine also conquered two Spanish Leagues, a European Champions League, a Club World Cup and two Spanish Super Cups and one European.

After his retirement as a footballer, Solari trained as a strategist at Madrid, in which he led in lower categories until the first team, which he led to win the Club World Cup in 2018.

Since 2021, Solari commands the Águilas del América, with whom he will debut this Friday in his third tournament by visiting Puebla on the first day of Clausura 2022.

We face the new tournament with great enthusiasm, renewed energy, desire to start and enjoy football, an exciting sport that I hope does not have to stop due to COVID-19 cases“Said the mentor.

The South American recognized that his squad is depleted since in addition to the five players who left the team, he has seven more out of circulation, including three who tested positive for COVID-19, and his reinforcements, the Chilean Diego Valdés and the Mexican Jonathan dos Santos, they are not ready to play.

Solari gambles his permanence as coach of the Eagles in the Clausura since in his first two tournaments he was eliminated in the quarterfinals and lost the final of the Concacaf Champions League against Monterrey.

Solari’s sporting results in his first year at América were described by the board as “to be forgotten” and even put his permanence at risk.

The analysis of the past is left to the nostalgic. We face this year with renewed enthusiasm and do our best. Last year we showed a great capacity for work“, He finished.

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