Salma Hayek celebrates 20 million followers on IG with funny PHOTO in strange “pose”

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It was in 1988, when the famous Mexican actress made her debut on the big and small screen at the age of 22, being one of the highest representatives of the Hollywood world.

The Mexican was always characterized by her indisputable beauty, talent and figure of heart attack, as she rubs shoulders with the true elite of the big screen internationally.

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And it is that the jarocha closed 2021 with a flourish and through the big door, because the actress premiered two great successes, one from Disney, “Eternals”, where she became the first Mexican in the skin of a superhero.

While the second was in the bio series of one of the most important fashion houses to this day, Gucci, alongside Lady Gaga, Jared Leto and Adam Driver.

This is one of the best years of the actress. Photo: IG / salmahayek

However, the star has shown his true professionalism and sensuality on more than one occasion, as he now shows it on social networks and celebrates in the best way.

20 million

At 55 years old, the actress has taken over social networks as she continuously shares hot images with her followers who do not stop applauding at any time.

And it is that just a few days after starting the year 2022, Valentina Paloma’s mother reached the number of 20 million followers on Instagram and celebrated it with a fun postcard.

Through the image platform that is part of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire, Instagram, the actress posted an image of her feet and hands to celebrate her new number of followers.

What has surprised everyone the most is her elegant and peculiar red manicure and pedicure, which reveals her most feminine and elegant side through social networks.

The postcard already exceeds 200 thousand likes and thousands of comments from his followers who have not stopped congratulating his talent and peculiar way of staying active on digital platforms.

“10 + 10 = 20 million !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you wonderful followers for bringing us here, I love you… ”was the text that accompanied the funny postcard.

While through his InstaStories, the Disney star has posted the images that some fan profiles, with different images of his youth and maturity, which has revealed his evolution in networks.

Salma continues to share every detail in networks. Photo: IG / salmahayek

In addition, the singer uploaded a story with her followers to thank them for all the support they have given her throughout more than 30 years of artistic career as well as different images of herself.

“I want to thank all my followers for the 20M but especially the fan pages, I am sharing with you 20 of them one for every million.”

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