Result of the final of Star Captor of Primos 64

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We already have a champion! On the first of January, in the middle of New Year’s night, Salais and TitoMex faced each other in the grand final of this tournament that had already been cooking since last month. After so many confrontations, cardiac arrests, exciting games, unique nights and many, many nerves, the final finally arrived and we already have a champion. Here we tell you the result of the final of Star Captor of Cousins ​​64.

This final is different from previous games because not only one game will be played, but at least two. Simply the same player has to win two games. Whether the same player wins two in a row or both wins the first two and the third game is a tiebreaker, the same person has to win two matches. If playing a game was already a great challenge, now everything was more difficult.

First game of the final

The narrators of this final were the great SoDaft and TheXkrad, who told everything they saw throughout the tournament with these two finalists. Expectations were through the roof. No, beyond, out of the atmosphere. From the beginning of this broadcast, everyone knew that there was no favorite between Salais and TitoMex since they both have a pro level.

It goes without saying which worlds they chose. The first to get the star was Salais, but Tito got his right after, without taking long. 10 minutes after starting both had 15 stars, confirming that there was no favorite to take the title. Whoever made the fewest mistakes would win.

10 minutes later everything was still very closed and both had 32 stars. None were to be left. And things remained exactly the same, but with 41 stars, five minutes from the end of time. Was there going to be a tie in points? Sure, whoever took the star first would win, but a draw would still be epic.

After a few heart seconds in which either of them nearly got their 50th star, the timer ended with, in effect, a tie in stars at 49, but Tito took the point thanks to getting that star first. This match was very close. How would the next one be?

Second game of the final

And we start! Salais got his star quickly, and a few seconds later Tito got his. Same worlds, same order. Would anything change or would Salais get the point this time? Nobody knew. 10 minutes later there was a tie with 15, as at 20 minutes of play but with 32 stars. Wow, seriously, these two guys are cracks and they didn’t stop giving their all for the title.

With five minutes to go, Salais had the advantage of having achieved his 41st star by a few seconds, and Tito had that same amount. And gg. Tito took first place by clearly winning the second game in a row, having 49 stars and Salais 48. This game was also very close, and only the best of the best can beat the 48-star mark.

Post-game interview

The beautiful players commented on their nerves, their mentality, a few jokes and everything they were thinking in the interview. Salais was able to calm down, but always thinking about his game. Tito, the champion, also said he was calm, which is why he fared better than in previous rounds. He thanked a friend, followed his advice not to stress and calm down, and did pull, playing it safe. They both found out that in the first game Tito won only by seconds, which surprised them both.


Tito campeooooooón! This great tournament has finally concluded, and the great SoDaft commented on the next Star Captor tournament for Primos 64. When would it be? We do not know. Is something already planned? Not yet. Who would participate? Who knows. Where is my elephant?

Thank you for coming this far with our Star Captor reports from Cousins ​​64. Now that we know how it ended, we can sleep peacefully again. You may be interested to know why you should see One Piece or our report on the sale of video games in Latin America and its bad numbers. You can also like us on Facebook and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Remember to be cool, #EsDeGamers.

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