Recharge and charge the batteries

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01/07/2022 at 13:58 CET

There are three designated days in the Dakar, which all the participants look forward to and emphatically: The start, the rest day and the end. The exit gathers the nerves of a year of work and the doubts about the state of the preparation. The rest day, after a week of physical and mechanical wear and tear, is the point to regain strength and recharge the batteries. Finally, the moment of arrival. Crossing the finish line is everyone’s dream, the most precious goal. Making it happen means that you have won the game of the toughness of the test, with more or less success, depending on the options of each one.

The first week, this time, has been harder than we really expected. Navigation has wreaked havoc in some stages, mainly in the first; the speed has been too high, leading to too many accidents and mechanical problems. The first selection has been made, but while the car race looks very well headed towards Nasser Al-Attiyah, the motorcycle race is fully open and a busy week is expected.

MAXIMUM AGITATION The immense Riyadh camp, where the rally remains for four days this time, becomes a brutal showcase of the Dakar. The mechanics work hard to rebuild their respective machines, leaving them spotless to face the second week of the race, the decisive one. The pilots rest and, in turn, dedicate themselves to public relations, attend to the press and prepare the next stages, so that nothing is left to chance. Around him, the bustle, as if it were a busy market, hundreds of fans admiring their heroes, their machines and looking for the best photo to remember.

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