Rashel Díaz reveals that his mother was hospitalized in an emergency

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Rashel Díaz was missing from social networks for a while and his fans immediately knew that something was not right. Before the messages of concern from the TV presenter, Rashel revealed this Thursday in his Instagram stories that his mother, Barbara PazShe had been hospitalized in an emergency, because when she arrived with high blood pressure, the doctors stopped her to do more studies.

Rashel Díaz and his mother, Bárbara Paz© @ rasheldiazRashel Díaz and her mother, Bárbara Paz

“Hi my people. Since yesterday I have been lost … ”, she said from an empty hospital room. Rashel was calm at all times, confident that everything would work out. “They are doing certain tests, it is something that we did not expect at all. Trusting God always, “he said in his videos. Rashel, who recently battled with COVID, assured that neither she nor her mother tested positive during this visit to the hospital, as it was one of the main concerns now that the numbers of infections are increasing.

Luckily, everything went well. And this Friday Rashel received very good news from the doctors. “My mommy is fine. They already gave me results from all the exams and thank God it was only a substitute. The results were negative, the high pressure she had already stabilized her and what was thought she had has been discarded, “she said happily.

Rashel Díaz’s reaction

Now it is only a matter of procedures so that they call Rashel and he can go to get his mother to take her home, since the visits and the company were suspended since yesterday due to the high risk of contagion of Coronavirus. However, while waiting for the test results, the businesswoman also thought about how people react when they receive unexpected news.

Addressing his followers, he expressed: “I have had to see people around me who when seeing something unexpected, and that obviously hits you with emotion because he is someone you love with madness, like me my mother, the queen of my life. .. How we react, that we are so different because there are people who start crying, there are those who become paralyzed, who do not act, get in a bad mood, there are those who are left without taking action … Everything! ”.

Rashel Díaz and his mother, Bárbara Paz© @ rasheldiazRashel Díaz with her mother Bárbada and her daughter Daniela

And he continued: “I have learned to trust God and thank him, because if my mother had not gone to the hospital, she would not have realized what was happening to her and she reacted quickly. The second thing is to maintain a positive attitude, even if emotions take over us because we are scared, because it is someone we love ”. Confident that everything would work out, she added: “But what can we do? Pray and keep that attitude positive. An attitude that today increases thanks to the good results in his mother’s health.

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