Photos: Britney Spears poses nude

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Britney Spears is living intensely independence, after being freed from the tutelage of her father James Spears, who for more than 13 years was in charge of the finances and decisions of the singer. In a post on her Instagram account, the pop star shared a provocative photo shoot with her more than 38.4 million followers.

“The energy of a free woman has never felt so good,” she wrote when uploading the photos. In the images, she appears totally naked and a couple of figures cover her most intimate areas to avoid censorship from the social network. The singer deactivated the option to comment, so her fans could not express their reaction, however, the publication quickly surpassed 2 million likes.

In another publication, the artist delighted her audience with a video posing in a bikini. “This is my first high-waisted bathing suit. My boyfriend likes it, but I’m not sure. It is very crazy because it can be adjusted so that it is more or less high, “he said in the publication where he flirtatiously poses for the lens.

After being a free woman again, the singer has dedicated herself to enjoying her life to the fullest, traveling in private planes to paradisiacal destinations with her fiancé, 27-year-old Sam Asghari.

This is not the first time that he uploads provocative images to his Instagram. A little over 3 months ago he uploaded a similar image. “Playing in the Pacific has never hurt anyone,” he wrote.

While previously he cited Sofia Loren to pose topless in the backyard of his house. “There is a fountain of youth, it is your mind, your talents, the creativity that you give to life and to the people you love. When you learn to uncover this fountain you will have really challenged your age, “he wrote.

The pop diva has expressed that she is happy and in love with her boyfriend, whom she plans to marry.

“This handsome idiot has not only been with me in the worst and best moments of my life, but he is also an excellent cook,” she wrote.

In the family aspect, the artist broke relations with her parents, stating that with all the things they have done to her they should be in jail.

“It still amazes me every day when I wake up how my family and guardianship were able to do what they did to me. It was degrading and immoral. Not to mention all the bad things they did to me that everyone should be in jail for. Yes, including my mother who goes to mass. Before I kept my mouth shut so there would be peace in the family, but not this time. I have not forgotten!! and I hope that tonight they look up and understand exactly what I mean, ”he wrote.

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