Octavio Ocaña will continue “alive” in Neighbors, Benito Rivers will continue

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Octavio Ocaña will continue to “live” in Necinos, Benito Rivers will continue | INSTAGRAM

After many rumors about what would happen to Benito Rivers, a character played by the late actor Octavio Ocaña in Neighbors, the producers have revealed if the red-haired boy will disappear from history.

For the followers of the dear Octavio Ocana There is good news, as it was reported that the production of the Televisa series would have taken what for many would be the best decision, that Benito Rivers continue in history.

A large number of people have demonstrated on social networks against the arrival of a new actor to replace the beloved Octavio Ocaña, so those voices were also taken into account, so what is the production going to do?

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Finally, those in charge of the history of Vecinos announced that Benito will continue alive in history; However, his face will not appear again before the public, as they will keep him alive through messages with his girlfriend, as they assure, they will justify the absence of the character by indicating that he is traveling.

The production faced a similar situation when Octavio Ocaña decided to take a hiatus from his acting career to devote himself to other things, such as pursuing his dream of becoming a footballer.

Octavio Ocaña will continue to “live” in Neighbors, Benito Rivers will continue. Photo: Instagram.

In the absence of Benito Rivers, the writers justified it by pointing out that the Rivers’ son was on an exchange and to try to cover Octavio’s area, they decided that a new character would enter, a rather mischievous red-haired girl that the Rivers should take care of; however, the character did not have the expected success.

Finally, Vecinos felt complete when Octavio Ocaña, being already a man, decided to return to production, with new problems and a girlfriend, the followers of the beloved Benito Rivers were delighted with the return of the young man; but they did not count that it would not be for long.

The dear Octavio Augusto Pérez Ocaña He died last October 2021 in unclear conditions, in which the authorities were little more than involved.

So far, Tavo’s family, loved ones and public are unaware of the reality of what happened that sad day when a young star left with just over twenty years of age and many dreams pending.

Meanwhile, Ocaña’s family continues to fight to clarify everything that happened and point out those responsible for the fact that they no longer have their son, their brother, their fiancé at home and Mexico their big star on the screen.

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