Octavio Ocaña, photo indicates where his reddish hair came from

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Octavio Ocaña, photo indicates where his reddish hair came from | Instagram

Secret revealed! After meeting the family of the beloved actor Octavio Ocaña after his unfortunate death last October, many questioned where it was that the famous got his characteristic reddish hair; however, now everything has been cleared up.

Pleasing the doubts of the fans of Octavio Ocana, who played Benito Rivers in the Televisa Necinos series, Bertha Ocaña shared a photo, indicating who is responsible for Tavito being red-haired.

In the image that was shared in the instagram stories of the sister of the also businessman you can see nothing more and nothing less than Ana Lucia Ocaña, the mother of the young people while still a child, with the facial features that characterize her and a long reddish hair.

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I had yet to share with you where the three Ocaña brothers got our red hair from. Here is the evidence of our beautiful mother, who since she was little, was always very red … she shared.

The followers of Octavio Ocaña follow his sister and her family on social networks to learn more about the artist and support them in finding the justice they are so seeking.

Octavio Ocaña, photo indicates where his reddish hair came from. Photo: Instagram.

Just last Wednesday, Bertha took advantage of social networks to revitalize a video in which she asks Mexicans to help the family with any video or photo that may serve as evidence in the case of her brother.

He stated that the family has quite a few in their possession, but there could be many more important images in the hands of people who circulated around the place. The family has made it clear that they will not rest until everything is revealed and those responsible are pointed out.

Octavio Ocana He left in a strange situation and with the authorities more involved than they would like. They concluded that after losing control of his truck, it would be Octavio Ocaña himself who was hit.

Tavito, as his family calls him, left a huge mark on Mexican television for playing the boy Benito Rivers in Televisa’s Neighbors. The boy who did not want to be an actor, but his parents insisted on taking him to various castings.

Ocaña’s father indicated that as a minor it was he himself who cared for him and went everywhere with him, but when he became an adult he had his own security, which is why he carried an artifact for this purpose.

There were two people identified as friends of Octavio Pérez who were on board in the vehicle that unfortunate day, who claimed to have been forced to sign the most convenient statements for the authorities.

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