Octavio Ocaña, his mother worries with a strong message on networks

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Octavio Ocaña, his mother worries with a strong message on networks | Instagram

The beginning of a new year without Octavio Ocaña has been more than devastating for his family and especially for his mother, Ana Lucia Ocaña, who has worried about a message she shared on social networks.

Octavio Pérez’s wife expressed how painful it has been to start this 2022 without her son, the youngest, the actor who gave life to Benito Rivers in Neighbors and assured that he must wait for her.

The message from the mother of Octavio Ocana It was very strong, but without a doubt what most attracted attention was that he said to his son “wait for me”, indicating that very soon they would be together in eternal life.

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Ana Lucia Ocaña shared that her life will not be enough to mourn the departure of the beloved actor and to be by his side in his grave to continue loving each other. He stressed that starting each year without him will be more than irresistible and ended his message with a “dqep my love.”

Octavio Augusto Pérez Ocaña’s mother shared the painful message along with photographs of her and her family, including Nerea Godínez, Tavo’s fiancée at the time of his departure, visiting the famous grave full of flowers and others.

Octavio Ocaña, his mother worries with a strong message on networks. Photo: Capture.

Each year will be irresistible without you, but wait for me, I will soon arrive with you to eternal life Octavio Augusto Pérez Ocaña and we will continue to love each other, the king of my life. DQEP my love.

In another of the messages that Ana Lucia shared on the occasion of the New Year, she also shared her enormous regret for the absence of her son and daughter Bertha Ocaña responded by pointing out that she loves her and that she must be very strong.

From the beginning of the unfortunate news that October 29, the sister of the famous group indicated that the most affected was her mother and that her pain was really enormous for which they were worried about her.

Despite this, Ana Lucia Ocaña was strong at “Benito’s” funeral and even took the floor to thank those present for being there and for the love and support for her son.

The departure of Octavio Ocana It has been a sad ordeal for the family, who are struggling to clarify what happened and who is responsible for the departure of the young man in his early 20s. The authorities assure that it was he who took action when he lost control of his vehicle, while the family claims to have proof that this did not happen.

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