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Bitcoin, Ethereum and company have long been part of the digital world and are being used in more and more areas. Also in casinos, cryptocurrencies have long been part of the standard and vastly broaden the spectrum for many players. Discover the best cryptocurrency gambling sites at and start playing now. What are the advantages of a crypto casino for players and how does the system work? The guide provides information on how to effectively use Bitcoins and company in the casino.

What is a cryptocasino and how does it work?

The term cryptocasino is a new creation in the modern world and refers to online casinos where deposits can be made through cryptocurrencies. But where is the difference from classic deposit and why are cryptocurrencies suddenly so popular in the casino? Is it only the security aspect, which is provided by the counterfeit-proof payment method, or above all the partial anonymity, which offers more scope for development?

If you want to use a cryptocasino, you need cryptocurrencies first. These must be contained in an electronic wallet so that you can make deposits and withdrawals without problems. The advantage: these transactions are carried out in real time and offer maximum security.

Initially, the first cryptocasino emerged as early as 2010, but the level of knowledge has only expanded in recent years, due to increasingly harsh restrictions imposed in countries. Several states, such as Austria, Germany, Italy and many others, are taking control of their residents’ gambling behavior and limiting the possibilities. On the other hand, in the cryptocasino there are no such restrictions, since cryptocurrencies are not one of the so-called fiat currencies.

Where can beginners get cryptocurrencies?

Has it ever happened to you that you were looking for a casino and suddenly you have landed on the website of a cryptocasino? You do not own any cryptocurrency and that is why you have refused? It is not necessary, because even as a newcomer you have the possibility to acquire cryptocurrencies and thus participate in the corresponding casino offers.

For this, it is crucial that you have a wallet for your cryptocurrencies and that you find an exchange platform that acts with reputation and justice. Especially if it is a Bitcoin casino, the offer is wide and cryptocurrencies can be obtained from many reputable exchange platforms and then used in the casino.

How do deposits and withdrawals work at the cryptocasino?

If you have a wallet and you have loaded it with cryptocurrencies, you can already make deposits and withdrawals. A trusted casino will explain the process in detail in the cashier area and you will be able to select the currency you want from the cryptocurrencies that are offered. With your wallet, you will have received an individual address that only you know. Many wallets also provide a QR code so that you can verify your identity directly by scanning.

Once you have proven your identity, you can confirm the transaction in your wallet and the amount will be transferred to your casino account in real time. Please note that you may receive a deposit bonus and that it will be available when your deposit is credited. In this way, you can browse and try games at your leisure.

Anonymity in crypto casinos

Since cryptocurrencies are not an official currency, the casino is under no obligation to verify your details. Therefore, you can play anonymously. However, there is usually an obligation for the provider of a Bitcoin wallet to undergo an identity check. Thus, transactions to the casino and back to you are anonymous, but if you want to convert the coins in your wallet into real money, your details must be disclosed to the wallet provider.

However, the anonymity of the individual casino also depends on the circumstances. For example, there are combined cryptocurrency and real money casinos in which you have to have the obligation to prove your identity. Licenses are also crucial. Cryptocasinos without a license can usually be used completely anonymously. Curacao licensed casinos often require correct registration.

How to recognize a good cryptocasino?

If you have decided to play at a crypto casino, you will naturally want to focus on maximum security and the best gaming experience. Therefore, some decisive criteria must be taken into account. First of all, the focus is on the new customer bonus, which is not only reserved for fiat currency casinos, but is also awarded at the crypto casino. Pay attention not only to the amount of this bonus, but also to the billing requirements. If they are achievable, you can trust the bonus offer with a clear conscience.

However, the variety of games is also crucial. Cryptocasinos often even offer games specially adapted to blockchain technology, which you will not find in classic casinos. The fun factor is particularly high here, so variety should be one of your criteria.

Lastly, the live gaming area also enters the picture, as it remains one of the most popular casino areas of all. Players have been outraged since mid-2021 that new government regulations have led to the removal of the live casino. This makes it even more important that the chosen cryptocasino also offers all the games you like.

Is it possible to license cryptocasinos in Europe?

When it comes to the seriousness of an online casino, the license plays an important role. Most of the good and well-known casinos are licensed in Malta, because the playing conditions of the small island state are designed to be very customer friendly. Since 2021, the casinos of Germany, also known as the country of games, can also be licensed there, but both Germany and other European countries, including Malta, do not offer licenses for crypto casinos.

Therefore, the authorization of a cryptocasino is done through more distant states, one of which is Curaçao. Here, the conditions for obtaining a license are softer and less strict, but the seriousness of the casino is not limited. Curaçao and other Caribbean island states are known on the gambling scene and the casinos that have been licensed here are often considered reliable and trustworthy.

Conclusion: crypto casinos are part of the future

It is assumed that crypto casinos will be even more frequented in the coming years and decades. More and more people are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies and the variety of different coin offerings is increasing, although it is not a safe investment. In addition, state regulations have caused discontent with classic online casinos. Therefore, the crypto casino is considered a promising method for players to pursue their passion.

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