Noelia with a transparent bodysuit exposes her enormous charms

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Noelia with a pink shiny bodysuit exposes her beautiful charms | Instagram

With a flirtatious video shared by Noelia known for being a successful businesswoman, model and singer, in it she appeared promoting her spicy content digital platform Cherryland VIP, while using a developer pink bodysuit with glitters.

Despite the fact that the design of this long-sleeved piece was something simple and extremely colorful due to the glitters, it was the transparency that captivated the fans of Noelia.

This key piece of entertainment on his official Instagram account has surely caused several of his followers to finally decide to subscribe to his account on one of his two new platforms, with which he has definitely been sweeping the digital market.

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Precisely in one of her most recent videos, she was excited to celebrate the director of Celebriffy and his administrator with two people she trusted, thanks to the fact that their empire has been growing rapidly in a short time, so it should be celebrated immediately.

Noelia has always been a beautiful woman and above all flirtatious and she shows it without any pain | Instagram noeliaofficial

In this video, she is shown as always the most flirtatious, while wearing interiors that did not allow her to be fully seen. exquisite figure and its parts, however what was seen was fantastic and adorable in the eyes of his followers.

With a pair of high white boots and fishnet stockings, Noelia finished completing this tremendous look, in her description she mentioned that she invited everyone to join her spicy platform, where they can find content that they would not usually share on Instagram due to their strictness. rules.


Curiously, one of the interiors that can be seen at the top had an animal print in brown, looking like a feline.

It also had wide straps with a decoration of silver stones that formed words, but it was not quite possible to see it, as for the bottom part, nothing could be noticed, only her stockings and her transparent bodysuit.

Noelia She has always been characterized by being an extremely flirtatious woman, this comes naturally to her that is why her followers are always delighted with the risque content that she gets to share on their social networks, especially on Instagram.

18 hours ago she decided to publish it on her account, already having almost 30 thousand reproductions and without any comments, not because her fans did not want to dedicate some bold words to her, it was rather because Noelia decided to block the comment box.

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