Noelia on video took off her blouse leaving only lingerie

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Noelia on video took off the top, staying indoors | Instagram

Flirty, successful and famous are some of the words with which certain Internet users identify Noelia, who has not only become a promising businesswoman, she is also a great artist who pampers her fans, especially in a video where he took off his clothes ending indoor.

While this beauty danced a bit and enjoyed the music at one of her friends’ house, we watched her show us some dance steps that you could easily win over anyone with.

Of course it would also help a lot to have the exquisite figure of Noelia, which keeps in perfect condition thanks to the gym.

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In this video, which at the moment is one of the most recent this day, as it was shared 11 hours ago, this beautiful interpreter of “Candela” appears wearing a pair of stockings and underneath them we can see pink interiors that are lost between its charms.

Noelia shows off her charms and her tremendous figure in her most flirtatious videos | Instagram noeliaofficial

The stockings are obviously translucent, so they allow us to see her shapely legs, the businesswoman who owns Noelicious was wearing a somewhat oversized shirt for her size in black with a print on the front in silver that cannot be distinguished well, it seems to be a sentence.

With certain movements of the hips and feet, Noelia She shows us that she is an excellent dancer and each time the music progresses, she teaches us other perfect dance steps for this melody by Alci Acosta entitled I will not resign.

Savoring at my friend’s house … If you don’t have a good time today, who knows if you can tomorrow, so let’s enjoy life, “said Noelia.


Almost at the end of the video, the businesswoman lifts her blouse a little and turns her back to the person who was recording the video, little by little she takes off her shirt until she takes it out and throws it aside, exposing her upper interiors in black.

Continuing with a flirtatious slow dance that would provoke more than a sigh to any Internet user, surely the imagination immediately began to fly.

The place where she was seemed to be a living room, behind her was a television, in which Acosta’s song was playing.

These types of videos are the ones that gentlemen like the most, as proof of this, this one in particular has more than 87 thousand views at the moment.

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