New York announces a strong reinforcement of the police presence in the Subway

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“We have to regain people’s trust in our transportation system,” said Mayor Eric Adams.

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Eric Adams, The new mayor of New York announced that he is going to significantly strengthen the police presence in the subway of the city, which is still a long way from recovering the number of users prior to the pandemic.

Democrat Adams, the former police officer who just took office in New York, explained at a press conference that is going to instruct the agents who patrol the streets, to make regular inspections in the stations and cars of the Subway.

“We have to regain people’s trust in our transportation system,” said the mayor, who assured that from now on we will notice a much greater police presence in the metro, although it will be done with existing resources.

Adams insisted that he wants a “Omnipresence” by the Police to give a greater sense of security at a time when polls have found many New Yorkers once again seeing the subway as a more dangerous place.

The total data shows, meanwhile, a significant reduction in crime, although these figures are marked by the great loss of users that the transport system experienced with the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic and from which it has only recovered partially.

Events on the New York Subway

It should be remembered that on January 3, the case of a 28-year-old man who tried to evade the payment of the Subway at the Forest Hills station in Queens, but died when he jumped the turnstile and broke his neck when he fell.

According to a New York Police report, the man arrived at the Forest Hills-71 Avenue station at 6:45 am, where he tried to evade payment, but hit his head on the concrete floor.

A day later, the video of the exact moment in which Cristopher de la Cruz, the Latino, died while trying to evade payment at the Forest Hills station was released.

In a new case released today by the NYPD, a gunman stabbed a passenger twice in the neck on a subway platform in Queens.

The victim was standing on the platform of the Manhattan-bound A train at the Rockaway Boulevard station in Ozone Park, when a man approached him from behind and stabbed him twice in the right side of the neck with an unidentified object.

The wounded man fell to the ground and the suspect left on foot. Apparently it was a random attack. Paramedics took the victim to a nearby hospital where he was in critical but stable condition, Fox News reported.

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