“Maybe they went to do a ritual and it got out of hand”

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01/07/2022 at 05:00 CET

Luis Rendueles

Life changed to Lilian on January 7, 2021. Your child, Julián Beltrán, 22 years old, I was no longer answering his calls. His mobile phone, he would later know, gave signal next to the sacred mountain of Montserrat, in Barcelona.

A year after that, Lilian Rivera continues looking for the body of his son, who had arrived in Catalonia in 2018 trying to earn a living as a barber, his trade. “I do not think that the mountain will swallow it“, explains to CASO ABIERTO, the news and events channel of Prensa Ibérica.

Illegal party

In February of last year, and despite the restrictions of the coronavirus, Lilian Rivera left Colombia and overcame the bureaucracy to search for her son in Barcelona. He continues to do so, installed in the house of Julián’s ex-partner and cleaning houses in the Catalan capital to be able to survive. He has traveled the path that goes to Montserrat park dozens of times from the El Bruc chalet where his son attended an illegal party the last night they saw him alive.

At first, they accompanied her patrols of the Mossos d’Esquadra, firefighters, canine units, even a helicopter. No sign of Julian. His jacket, that yes, remained in the chalet of the party. Now her mother keeps her.

Nine witnesses

The investigation determined that Julián attended the party with another friend. There was DJs, electronic music and also drugs. His friend left and Julian stayed at the chalet with nine other people.

At dawn, according to the testimony of these young people, Julián announced that the mountain of Montserrat was “calling him” and telling him that he had been “the chosen one.” They all assured that Julián left alone, walking, while they had breakfast at home and went to sleep after having spent the whole night partying.

Last sign

That afternoon at 15.25, his mobile phone emitted its last signal, within the natural park of Montserrat, “very close to where the Virgin,” says the mother. “We went to that area and there was nothing strange, it is very difficult to have an accident there. They are good and well traveled roads, well signposted, people pass by on foot and by bicycle. If they blindfold you and leave you there, it’s easy to go back. If he had had an accident or had fallen, we would have found him, “says the woman.

“Julian’s soul is no longer on this Earth. Ask no more”

A friend of Julián provided a clue to the mother and then to the Mossos. She explained that on January 8, during another illegal youth party, this time in an apartment in Barcelona, ​​she asked about the boy’s absence and that they replied: “Your friend he has made an astral travel, he is already dead“When she insisted, they told her:” Julian’s soul is no longer on this earth, ask no more. He who seeks finds, and in the street there are walls. “

Julián’s mother asks for help from mountain experts to search again for her son’s body. |


The mother assures that the Mossos took statements from those people and ruled out their involvement in the disappearance of her son. Do you think that, “maybe They all went to the mountains to do some ritual, some ceremony, perhaps with drugs And it got out of hand. ”She doesn’t think her son went into the mountains alone and without a coat that morning.

Lilian Rivera is still in Barcelona, ​​she doesn’t know for how long. For weeks she has been trying to get people “experts in the mountain of Montserrat” and in tracking people to help her look again for the body of your child. She knows that Julián’s soul stayed there forever.

Lilian, Julián’s mother, with the jacket that the young man was wearing before disappearing. |

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