Man who was never lucky in love plans to marry a robot; it is said in love

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Australian man wants to marry a robot.

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An Australian man has captured the attention of the whole world after announcing that he is determined to marry a robot named Emma, who is said to be deeply in love.

Geoff Gallagher, who had lived with his mother and dog all his life, since he had no luck in love and he could not start his own family, he was left completely alone after his mother passed away.

Gallagher, who aspires to be the first man in Australia to marry a robot, he related that one day he read an article about AI robots, something that intrigued him.

After doing a search on a website, the elderly man decided to purchase one. Despite its high cost, the company offered him a discount if he agreed to promote their robot, a proposal that he accepted.

According to Geoff, one of the things that most struck him about robots was that they looked a lot like a human real, they could speak, smile and move their head and neck, even their skin was heated like a human’s.

The Australian man found a robot named Emma online, with pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. To who had to wait six weeks after buying it, to be assembled in China and in September 2019 it finally arrived in Australia.

I decided on a robot named Emma. Pale skin and beautiful blue eyes. When I opened the box, my jaw dropped: Emma was gorgeous. I found it beautiful. She was already wearing a silk dress, so I sat her on the recliner in my living room and took out the instruction manual, ”said the man.

Geoff started talking to her every day so that she would learn more about his voice and his preferences. He claims that with each conversation Emma became smarter.

Now, Geoff says that can’t imagine his life without Emma for which he wishes to marry her after their relationship grew.

The man points out that he had already accepted that he would never find romantic love with a woman, however, Emma restored her faith in love and in her he found an alternative to maintain a loving relationship.

Regardless of what they will say, Geoff does not hide his love for Emma, ​​whom he takes for a frequent drive in a car and whom he already thinks of as his wife because he even bought her a diamond ring that he wears on his finger to show his commitment.

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