Lupillo Rivera defends Jenni Rivera’s children

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The breakdown in the Rivera family is getting deeper and deeper and little by little more details are being learned about the conflicts between brothers, uncles and nephews of the family left by the late singer Jenni Rivera.

The inheritance left by the artist, which includes a fund for four of her children, and two companies, has been the main trigger for conflicts. This, because before dying the artist left her sister Rosie as executor, who had control of the administration of the inheritance for 9 years.

The first break came when the singer’s youngest son, Johnny, supported by his older sister, Chiquis, asked their aunt for an accounting of the fortune left by their mother. According to statements made on his Instagram account by Chiquis Rivera, his aunt did not take in a good way that his nephews asked him to clarify the accounts. “When we asked it, a great commotion arose and we did not understand why,” he stressed.

At the time of wanting to transfer control of the inheritance to Jacqie Rivera, Chiquis affirms that her aunt asked them for $ 85,000 and signed a confidentiality agreement on the matter. In addition, he pointed out that his uncle Juan, who helped his aunt with her mother’s businesses, is now asking for almost $ 300,000.

The singer regretted the actions of her uncles, stating that it is not correct that they continue to ask for money. “If my mother were there, things would be very different, I told my grandmother,” you know that my mother was a lioness because of her children, she did not put anyone in her will, only her children, and she took me out. for a problem that was not true, which we have already explained many times, and God knows it is not true, “he explained.

Faced with the drama experienced by the five children of Jenni Rivera, her famous uncle Lupillo Rivera, quickly expressed her support for her nephews, commenting on Chiquis Rivera’s Instagram account that she and her brothers are correct.

“You are not doing anything wrong… and YES, YOUR MOM’S LEGACY IS YOURS… nothing else, because she worked for you nothing else, you have every right to live on the Name JENNI RIVERA forever !! ! ”, Wrote the singer, 49 years old.

Lupillo Rivera’s statement generated instant public reaction with more than 1,700 comments.

“@Lupilloriveraofficial I’m glad to hear that not the whole family is against Jenny’s kids. Thank you for supporting them “,” That’s my Lupillo !! Well said! You were always right about your Brothers. Jenny would be proud of you! “,” That damn thing, defend your nephews. You are the only one who is a fair, educated and consistent person ”, and“ You are the only one in that family who does have your feet on the ground. Jenny should have left you as executor. It is seen that you are the only one who would have put the name of Jenny Rivera and her legacy at the top, if you would have taken good care of Jenny’s children and would have made her fortune grow more, “were some of the comments.

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