Lizbeth Rodríguez highlights the back with a tight outfit

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Lizbeth Rodríguez poses on her back in a cute green outfit | Instagram

Apparently the famous youtuber who has become one of the most controversial personalities on the Internet, we are talking about the also actress and influencer Lizbeth Rodríguez, has decided to start this year with the most flirtatious publications, just as she did with this green outfit.

On several occasions, this flirtatious Internet celebrity has surprised with her content, which is sometimes somewhat revealing, which is why several Internet users have asked her to launch a fan-only page.

The garments fitted to her figure are the ones she enjoys the most to share, which was precisely the one she shared five hours ago on her official Instagram account with five accompanying photographs.

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It seems that a Lizbeth Rodriguez Lately she likes to take pictures in the bathrooms, whether they are private or public, as in the publication in question, in it she is posing as a whole model and internet diva.

Lizbeth Rodríguez always shows her charms at every opportunity that comes her way | Instagram lizbethrodriguezoficial

The outfit that Tavo Betacourt’s ex-girlfriend, whom she met at the Badabun company when she was working in it, is wearing and where, by the way, her fame began to grow, precisely when she was the host of the Exposiendo Infieles program, was olive green.

The design was a full strapless jumpsuit and a kind of jacket made of the same fabric with long sleeves that reached the floor.

As footwear she wore ankle boots in the style of combat boots, although this design was with a heel and platform, in camel color and laces, it also seemed the style of the Caterpillar brand miner boots, but in a feminine style.

As an accessory, what you can see immediately was a chain belt in gold and an extremely thin necklace with a small black pendant.

In each of the photos it seems that the objective of the flirtatious social media model was to highlight her back charms, since in the images it is observed that he moved the long jacket so that they could be seen and show off more.


These would be the photos that I would send you if we were lovers, “said Lizbeth Rodríguez.

In a short time since its launch the publication of Lizbeth Rodriguez He already has 191,668 red hearts in addition to 1,625 comments in total, where by the way several of them asked him what the photos would be if they were lovers, very daring of him!

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