Livia Brito steals glances when parading in front of the camera

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Livia Brito stomps and parades charm in a black dress | Instagram

Livia Brito made a parade of charm at a moment when she walked in front of the camera in a very light black dress.

The “TV actress“, Livia Brito walked imposingly from a room in a black dress with flight, the actress of” La Desalmada “took the glances.

The “instagram celebrity“, who today is one of the most acclaimed with 6.8 million subscribers appears dressed in a total black look that is complemented with matching sneakers.

With sandals with thin straps, Livia brito walks her steps in a slow motion video that “queen of tik tok“, he shared on his social networks.

Livia Brito stomps and parades charm in a black dress. Photo: Instagram Capture

The protagonist of the novel produced by José Alberto, “El Güero” Castro, was a success in 2021, which also marked the return of the famous 35-year-old who was born on July 21, 1986 in Ciégo de Ávila, Cuba.

The one remembered for debuting in soap operas like “Triumph of Love“In 2010, he has experience in modeling, being the first environment in which he ventured in his early days, so his elegant way of walking and security in front of the camera is a constant in the midst of his videos.

The assiduous use of social networks has made the act of publishing one of her favorite hobbies, in addition to traveling, the actress of famous melodramas such as “The Pilot“, in two seasons (2017-2018) where he gave life to” Yolanda Cadena “, started 2022 with the right foot.

In the last months of last year, Livia Brito Pestana toured various parts of the republic after culminating with the recordings of the recent soap opera that she starred in with José Ron, (Rafael Toscano “, last year.

The couple in the story would have coincided in the past, in other television projects such as “Italian Girl Comes to Get Married” (2014-2015), however, the daughter of Rolando Brito and Gertrudis Pestana has participated in other stories that remain in the heart of the spectators.

“Abismo de Pasión” (2012), “De que te quiero te quiero” (2013-2014), are some of the other melodramas with which “Livi” showed her acting skills.

It should be remembered that the beautiful hazel-eyed woman also served as the presenter of “Dancing for a dream”, in addition to plays such as “El Postero” and films such as “La dictatadura Perfecta” (2014).

Now, Livia Brito Pestana has devoted herself to documenting her fitness lifestyle with Mariano Martínez, her current partner, who has become the inseparable of the actress and dancer in many of her adventures.

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