Livia Brito conquers Mexico with a blue look in photoshoot

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Livia Brito in blue outfit stars on magazine cover | Instagram

Livia Brito offered her best angles in front of the camera, the famous “Cuban” who was a success in the soap opera “The soulless“Show off a full blue outfit in a session that wins over everyone

The TV actress, Livia Brito, appears in one of her most recent videos that she shared on her Instagram stories where the prominent social media celebrity has accumulated 6.8 million subscribers.

Have you seen the pictures of Hola magazine? It is read in one of the sections that the native of Ciégo de Ávila, Cuba, shared through the video.

In the clip you can see the remembered interpreter of “Fernanda Sandoval”, in “Triumph of Love“In which he debuted in 2010, with a full suit of top and long pants in sky blue with a very showy detail on the upper part with the shoulders exposed.

Livia Brito, in a blue outfit, stars on the cover of a magazine. Photo: Instagram Capture

The 35-year-old famous, born on July 21, 1986, would have been captured in a photo session for a magazine, so the muse the “aLIVIAnados” as she calls her fan club, published the moment to which she added a rhythm of salsa.

The beautiful “model“with hazel eyes and dark hair, she turned her face in different directions before the camera, a moment that was reflected in the material with which she”queen of tik tok“he stole the glances.

Currently, the “influencer“who accumulates almost 10 million subscribers on Tik Tok, inspires his fans with his healthy lifestyle by sharing his best training tips, which he does with his personal trainer, Mariano Martínez.

Who has also been a partner of Livia Brito Pestana for a long time, apparently, and with whom she also documents some of her travels and with whom she does not miss the opportunity to appear closely together in several of her publications.

In recent months, the remembered actress of “The Pilot“, where she played Yolanda Cadena in 2017-2018, she has traveled some places in the republic, from Valle de Guadalupe, to Acapulco, and recently Xcaret, where her sentimental partner remained with her at all times.

The Televisa CEA graduate and Business Administration student, consolidated her career with projects such as “Abyss of Passion” (2012), “Italian Girl is Coming to Get Married” (2014-2015), “Doctors: Life Line” (2019 -2020), among others.

Livia Brito Pestana was also highly praised for being a presenter in “Bailando por un Sueño”, in addition to theater productions such as “El Cartero”, and films such as “The Perfect Dictatorship“.

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