Kyrie Irving returns unvaccinated and is hopelessly decisive

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Kyrie Irving is already among us. Not like most, because they continue without being vaccinated and he will only be able to play the games in which the Nets are visitors (with Toronto as an exception), but he has returned. It has been a 31-week journey for him in which he has been seen outside the NBA due to his stubbornness and positioning against the coronavirus, now he has to return to the optimal state to be able to contribute in the meetings in which his participation is possible . And, first of all, it has looked good. The franchise separated him out of conviction and has had to backtrack in the middle of the fight for his survival after the numerous casualties and forced signings to cover them, finally opting to reactivate him despite the fact that it is a constant coming and going between matches as home and away. Indianapolis was the place where he stepped onto the league courts again and boy does his team need someone like him. The Pacers, knocked out this season, went on to lead by 19 points during the second half and Irving’s help was essential to come back and cut a streak that was already climbing to three consecutive defeats.

For the Nets it was a difficult night in which they needed all the power of their big-three and even a little shooter Mills or a Bembry without failures. Only with that they defeated the Pacers, clinging to a special situation to attempt victory. The locals lost in the second half and the result was 121-129.

Kyrie Irving started with the usual fatigue of one who faces a monster like the NBA again, a grinder on a physical level, and made a couple of mistakes in driving and missed three shots right out of the box. But it was a matter of regaining confidence. Despite Durant scoring the most, Irving went to 22 points with several decisive baskets in moments of arreón that the Nets needed to load the disadvantage. The Pacers, who did not have Caris LeVert but a recently signed Lance Stephenson (in a quasi-drenched return to Indiana) at 30 points a ration, were caught in the nets that only Kyrie knows how to weave and they could not defend him properly despite to not be a stranger. The Melbourne-born point guard went over half an hour of play for his first game, a staging very of this team and very of this player who must evolve so that the strategy makes the one who, now, is a candidate to be champion win.

Denier and unrealistic Kyrie started out as a starter and with the aforementioned nerves. At a start without too much turbulence, another returnee appeared, Stephenson, who seems to only play well when signed by the Pacers. The veteran guard began to pass blocks with the ball in his hands like a knife in butter and put them all, which is not his specialty, putting the icing on a positive first quarter with a triple on the horn after step back. The Nets, with two 2 + 1s in a row, had not been able to beat Lance and took Kyrie back on track for a second try. There it worked better individually, but the locals began to leave on the scoreboard taking advantage of the rival’s fissures. Two ex-Euroleague players like Sykes and Sabonis, with the latter finishing with a triple-double, stretched the lead and placed it above the ten at halftime. Durant took the reins with his wide range of shots, here and there, but the distance was slowly dropping. Irving attacked with force at the end of the third quarter and there, with him as an answer, the climb did begin: six points in a minute, capped by a shot from six meters from the basket when the quarter ended, and to look at the last period as the of the comeback. With 4:39 played in the final period, the Nets grabbed the scoreboard from the chest and went over the top after a triple corner by Mills. The 1-13 run was capped off by two more penetrating shots from Kyrie, who wouldn’t stop there. In the final strip two blocks, a pitch by Durant and a couple of actions by Irving were sentenced. The returnee, decisive from day one.

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