Kimberly Loaiza in the flirty style of Livia Brito on video

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Kimberly Loaiza dances in the style of Livia Brito on video | Instagram

With a flirty video that delighted her fans, the beautiful Kimberly Loaiza shared a video where she appears wearing her beautiful figure, very much in the style of the beautiful actress of Cuban origin Livia brito.

This is not the first time that both Instagram stars share content dancing a bit similar to some extent, although this time it seems to have been a mere coincidence.

In the video that Kimberly loaiza shared on November 20, 2021, he appears dancing to a melody that has become very popular, especially on TikTok, where he has more than 57 million followers.

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Surely you already know that once an audio or video on TikTok becomes popular, millions of people imitate the trend, with this certain dance steps are accompanied by the audio that sounds, the same happened with the one that La Lindura Mayor shared ago more than a month.

Kimberly Loaiza has become an Internet celebrity | Instagram kimberly.loaiza

In the case of the protagonist of the soap operas “La Piloto” and “La Desalmada”, she shared a video practically the same as Loaiza’s in terms of steps and audio.

Livia Brito Pestana’s video was shared on TikTok on November 22, 2021, although it was two days after Loaiza published it, perhaps they recorded it days before, said audio is: “They are original – Nlvxa” and that without It certainly became extremely popular on the app.

The “Best Solo” singer is wearing a cute white top with long sleeves and a “V” neck, as well as blue leggings with white stain prints and two straps that cross at her waist.


In his description he asked his fans since when were they cute, it is worth mentioning that his career as a youtuber began in 2016, surely there is a large number of Internet users who began to follow Kimberly loaiza since he started with his channel.

As for the video of Brito Pestana, he appears with a slightly warm gray look made up of a pans and a sweatshirt, on top he wore a black vest and a black cap.


Surely you know that the Cuban flirt attended the KL Fest that Juan de Dios Pantoja’s wife held a couple of weeks ago and that by the way it became a success, surely Livia will be one of the guests for the second KL Fest.

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