Kendall Jenner will donate part of her earnings from the 818 tequila she produces in Jalisco to a community project

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Kendall Jenner.

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Kendall jenner will donate a portion of the proceeds from its 818 tequila to build and supply a public library in Zapotitlán de Vadillo, which will also serve as a supplemental classroom for an agriculture-focused community high school.

According to the information provided on the social networks of the organization Saving Agave for Culture, Recreation, Education and Development (SACRED), which sees the improvement of the quality of life in rural Mexican communities where agave liqueurs are made, the The project will be built with adobe bricks that are manufactured from the by-products of the production of 818 Tequilaby Jenner.

“The Plan is to include two to four classrooms in the structures that can also be used as classrooms, to alleviate some of the space pressures that the school is experiencing (Technical Secondary 38).

“The budget will also allow to supply the library with an initial selection of books, which will focus primarily on regenerative agriculture and create a reserve fund that can be used during each of the next two years to add books,” the statement said.

According to the details, more than half of the budget will also go to Zapotitlán residents who are employed as construction labor and local companies to purchase materials. The manufacture of bricks in the community itself is indicated as possible, using bagasse and stillage from distillery 818.

In a video shared on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account, account about the process of creating the bricks based on agave waste.

SACRED’s second project together with 818 Tequila is the reconstruction of a small pre-industrial distillery of a fifth generation producer in the Tuxpan region, whom they refer to as Don Arturo, in order to preserve the heritage of his family and his community.

“We are building a retaining wall with 818 bricks. On top of that, we are building a small tasting room and bathrooms.

“We are also building a structure around Arturo’s furnace: tall, simple walls and a metal roof that can withstand the heat. On that roof and on the roof over your stills, we are adding a rain harvesting system, for Arturo to have a backup water supply“.

Kendall Jenner became an entrepreneur at age 26, when in February of this year she launched the Drink 818 (818 tequila) brand, which she planned and prepared for four years. His distillery is located in Amatitán.

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